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Over lunch Mickey and Minnie were talking about Governor McCrory’s statement last week on the influx of child immigrants from Honduras, Guatemala and El Salvador.
Mickey was outraged. “McCrory must figure he’s losing the education debate. So he decided to bash child immigrants!” He noted that the N&O said McCrory’s remarks were “tinged with election-year politics.” He thundered, “’Tinged’, my foot. They were dripping with demagoguery.”
But Minnie saw it differently: “Look, 1,200 of these children have already come to North Carolina. And more are on their way. Right now, we’re barely able to take care of the people here. Our schools are overcrowded, and our health care system is overwhelmed. Who knows what kind of health, social and developmental issues these children have?”
Both Mickey and Minnie are Democrats. They are compassionate people. But their discussion shows how politically divisive and morally and practically vexing this issue is when you step away from the knee-jerk politics.
Our hearts tell us to take care of these children, the way religious charities are doing in our state right now. But our heads worry over our ability to take care of them.
In the end, one fact in the story jumped out at both Mickey and Minnie. A refugee group in Raleigh that has helped 130 unaccompanied minors reported that 95 percent of the girls in their program were raped before they came to the U.S.
Mickey shook his head sadly. “And we’re going to send them back?”


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3 comments on “What to Do?

  1. Anonymous says:

    The head shaking should be at who gave those parents of the children, crossing the world to Mexico to travel here and get raped on the way here the idea that we had no immigration laws. What a cruel trick, to use children like that. It would be even more cruel to take them in and send the message to others, come here get raped on the way, and possibly killed. I guess the only thing to do is send for their parents, aunts, uncles grandma and grandpa and get them all registered as Democrats.

  2. Anonymous says:

    ”Children”???? Most of the flood of illegal aliens invading our country are actually teenagers, and many who claim to be teenagers look suspiciously like they are actually in their 20’s. Most have not had proper medical examination like a legal immigrant would have, and many have diseases, including some serious ones. Dozens who have come over the border since January are from countries where the Ebola outbreak is occurring, so I guess we are just lucky none seem to have brought Ebola YET. Teenagers are prime recruitment age for the violent criminal gangs of Central America, and some of those ”children” coming across have been discovered to be members of these violent criminal gangs, but even when the Obama regime discovers that (and I doubt they look very hard), they still send them out to places like North Carolina instead of back home where they belong.

    Central America is a more stable place than eastern Ukraine, and it is far less dangerous in Central America than being a Christian in Iraq these days. Yet Obama has clamped down on visas for Iraqi Christians and has made no move to help the Ukrainian refugees. We cannot help everyone in the world and these arrogant freeloaders from Central America are less deserving than many.

    Hooray for Governor McCrory. I wish he would do more to confront the lawlessness of Obama on the border situation.

  3. Anonymous says:

    What a coincidence. Just yesterday I was talking to Popeye and Olive Oil about the plight of the millions of black children in Africa and how so many are eat up with disease and how so many of them suffer from malnutrition.

    Our solution was to bring them to America and to divide them up in the various states so that they can be taken care of by our wonderfully prosperous and rich country.

    Olive Oil said: “after we achieve that, we can then go to other countries and help all of those children as well”. I mean, how can we turn them away….after all, many of them are being raped and many are without parents because of the wars there. It’s the least a rich and prosperous country like America can do.

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