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Governor McCrory is learning that it’s easier to run for office than run an administration. And message discipline is easier in a campaign. Especially when the legislature is in town.
McCrory wants his message to be jobs. But he sidetracked himself last week by picking a fight over the value of college education.
Monday, the headlines were about some mysterious trouble at the Capitol Police. This morning, the headlines were about the jobless – not about getting them jobs, but about the legislature cutting unemployment benefits. And about the legislature stiff-arming McCrory on Medicaid and health care.
Today the headlines are about Senate Republicans’ political power grab to take over the Utilities Commission, Environmental Management Commission, Coastal Resources Commission, Lottery Commission and Wildlife Resources Commission and abolish the Charter School Advisory Committee, Lottery Oversight Commission, Turnpike Authority, and Board of Correction. 
They even tried to add two justices to the State Supreme Court.
(They might check their history. See “Court Packing – Roosevelt, Franklin D., 1937.”)
No wonder the Governor’s communications director left a six-figure job to go back to Tennessee.  And his new press aide may be yearning for the calm, peaceful days she spent on Capitol Hill.


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5 comments on “Welcome to Raleigh!

  1. dap916 says:

    Notice what Gary is posting…”The Headlines”.

    It’s not about what is good for North Carolina for Gary Pearce. It’s about what is in the headlines.

    God help us, y’all.

  2. dap916 says:

    Okay, I posted my comments at 3pm, Tuesday, 2/5. Let’s see when my comments are actually presented here.

  3. Reaganite says:

    The real power play was Bev Purdue’s midnight appointments just as she was leaving office. That has motivated the Senate bill dealing with boards and commissions. Bev not only filled scads of board vacancies at the last minute but also some policy level positions in state government departments. The liberal media elite is curiously silent about all of that.

    The Senate bill on Obamacare was just enforcing the GOP position, something I am sure the Governor believes in. There just seem to be some minor details to be worked out, and I am sure they will be.

  4. dap916 says:

    Excellent!! Now, hopefully this timely presentation of our remarks here on the Front Page will continue. Thanks, TAP.

  5. Carbine says:

    You should read what D.G. Martin had to say about this. Gov. McCrory is right on target with this one. You can tell he’s right ’cause he’s making all the right people mad.

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