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New Yorker magazine, as I recall, once had a department called: “Which newspaper do you read?” It juxtaposed totally opposite headlines about the same story. To wit this week:
“Clay Aiken outpaces GOP candidate in 2nd quarter fundraising” (Sandhills Tribune).
“Rep. Ellmers ahead of Aiken in fundraising in 2nd Congressional District” (Fayetteville Observer).
In fairness, if you study the numbers hard enough, you might find that both stories are true. But, as it’s beyond me, I’m hoping Representative Ellmers will bring it down to my level. Maybe a pie chart or something.


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2 comments on “We Report, You Decide

  1. Anonymous says:

    Have you received a call yet from the Clayster? If not you need to call him. I think he is going to need some professional help

  2. Anonymous says:

    I can’t tell you how many times I’ve seen exact opposite stories about the same issue from different sources. Thanks for posting this because is shows that it’s just SO important for people to not just believe the first thing they read or hear in the political world….especially when they are seeing it or hearing it from a partisan source. And yes, that’s true from both sides and their partisan sources.

    As far as the amount of fund raising that is going on and will go on between Aiken and Ellmers….Ellmers is at a huge disadvantage here. Aiken is going to get an extremely large amount of campaign donations from the LGBT community…NATIONALLY, as well as locally in our state. In addition, he’s somewhat of a celebrity, and as such, will get a lot of press coverage and within the Hollywood types and so forth, there will be many that will donate to him so that they can be “seen” as donating to him making them heroes in that little area of the world.

    So, even though it will be presented as Aiken being the more liked and more popular candidate because he will gain more donations and do better raising funds…that may backfire on him. The largest fundraiser doesn’t always win the election…ala Walker vs. Berger Jr. (and oh, so many other examples FAR too numerous to put here).

    But, I do thank you for showing that there are many sources of information politics and that what you see on the surface isn’t always the truth and there is usually an alternate belief and different facts.

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