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It’s a rite of summer. The House, the Senate and the Governor can’t agree on a budget. They tell themselves that millions of North Carolinians are in suspense, following the latest twist in the budget deliberations like they’re binge-watching Netflix.
This year, Governor McCrory and Speaker Tillis decide a bold stroke is needed to galvanize public opinion. They arrange a huge photo op at the Mansion with educators behind and beside them. They unsheathe their sharp sword to cut this Bergian knot: a “split budget.”
Earth to Raleigh: We don’t care. We’re not paying attention. We rarely pay much attention to you, and we’re paying even less now.
It’s summer. The sun is hot, and the days are long. The beach, the lake and the mountains beckon. Next Friday is the 4th, a long weekend. So let’s start now! Pack up the sunscreen, fire up the grill, pop open a cold one.
You guys – and it’s nearly all guys – will work it out. Somehow, sometime. The reporters and lobbyists are consumed with how long you’ll be here and how you’ll work it out. We’re not.
We’ll get back in a while. We’ll see what you did. And we won’t like it.
In the meantime, don’t kid yourselves that we’re paying attention. We’ve already made up our minds – those of us who plan to vote in November. We know two big things: One, you’re hurting the schools and teachers. Two, you want to frack our water full of dangerous chemicals.
That’s all we need to know. See you in November.


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One comment on “We Don’t Hear You, Raleigh

  1. Anonymous says:

    No fracking, we can take higher fule prices, in France they pay twice what we pay. Taxes are too low as well. We need higher taxes. We need to keep teacher tenure as well. There are a lot of lazy rich people in this state who did nothing to get all the money they have except steal it from the poor. They need to pay higher taxes. The carbon tax is going to save earth. If we don’t get carbon under control folks in Ashville will have ocean front property in 10 years.

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