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Governor McCrory believes it’s OK to pay a beginning teacher $25,000, but $65,000 isn’t enough for a 24-year-old state government appointee who worked in McCrory’s campaign. So he got a raise to $87,500.
That’s three times what a starting teacher gets in North Carolina.
Another campaign staffer got a $23,000 raise to $85,000, reports the AP’s Michael Biesecker.  Biesecker’s story has a link where you can see other 20-somethings making $50,000, $60,000 and $70,000 on the taxpayers’ backs.
I have nothing against campaign workers in their 20s getting good state jobs that pay well. I did myself long, long ago.
But this comes on top of McCrory signing a state budget giving teachers – and other state employees, like mental-health workers and state troopers – no raises. It’s on top of North Carolina falling behind every other state in teacher pay.  And it’s on top of the contempt and disrespect the Governor and the legislature routinely show for teachers.
Doesn’t anybody around McCrory see how bad this looks? You’d think somebody is getting paid enough to.
And do Democrats see what a juicy, easily understandable political target McCrory has given them?


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4 comments on “War on Teachers Update

  1. dap916 says:

    There are two completely separate issues here. The first issue is the ludicrous salaries of some of the ex-staffers for McCrory & Co. now working in state government. The second is what Gary here believes is a horrible pay rate for our public school teachers.

    On the first issue, I totally and completely agree with Gary. It’s no secret that BOTH parties give out really great paying taxpayer-funded state government jobs to some key people involved in winning campaigns. I think that’s a practice that should stop…but I doubt very seriously it ever will. Yes, it is a choice issue for democrats to use against McCrory when/if he runs for reelection…and even for democratic candidates running for other offices as an example of how disingenuous republicans are.

    On the second topic here, ya gotta take what Gary is saying here in context. North Carolina is not falling behind every other state in teacher pay. I know he’ll say that if teachers in North Carolina don’t get pay raises and all other states raise their teacher’s pay, then the gap between the lowest paid teachers in our nation and North Carolina teachers gets more narrow. Well, um, are teachers in ALL other states getting a pay raise this year? And, even if they are and North Carolina is the only one that doesn’t give its teachers a raise, North Carolina still is not on the bottom on teacher’s pay (just looking at a scale of raw numbers) and if you make a comparison of North Carolina teacher’s pay to many other states and factor in cost of living in our state vs. some of the other states that pay more to their teachers, you’ll find that North Carolina pays its teachers very well comparatively. In starting pay for teachers, however, we are 5th from the bottom currently (2011 – 2012 school year). As McCrory gets our fiscal house in order, I’d personally like to see that statistic improve by raising our teachers pay in the future…again, when we can afford it.

    This “War on Teachers” is just another “war” the liberal/progressives are dreaming up. It is part of their game plan…talking points…buzz words to keep their base riled up. Gary, you yourself said that the NCGOP is made up of just a bunch of rich old white men and trust me, my friend, we old white men just don’t have enough energy to fight all those wars you’re saying we’re in.

  2. Reaganite says:

    ”War on Teachers”, Gary? What crap! And the comparison to other state employees is misleading, too. The legislature in the budget bill sets overall salaries, and a governor would have to veto the entire budget to change that. As to individual positions, those can be reclassified through a process at the Office of State Personnel based on the actual work performed. Again, that is not something the governor does. This is the sort of dishonest comparison that is common with Democrats.

  3. clarence swinney says:

    Newt Gingrich said: “The GOP has been caught up in a cycle that is negative and vicious”.
    Does he recall Repeal of Glass Steagall—Modernization of Commodity markets—Open Market with Cuba and Nafta? Or, does he forget the Impeachment?

    Yet! He is intelligent on Government and noted no increase in Minimum Wage—Dream Act—Immigration–America Jobs Act—Bush Tax Cuts for Rich—Payroll Tax Cut—Social Security CPI—Voting acts—Shutdown of Government—Debt Extension, etc.

    I will take him over Boehner. He is smarter and tougher.

  4. clarence swinney says:

    In this Congress 22 bills have been signed into law
    88 in 1995 lowest since Great Depression
    David Koch zillions hired Tea Party to cut government and he is succeeding
    at the expense of millions without jobs and more millions with low pay.
    In OECD nations we now rank #1 as largest number working for low wages.
    44 million for minimum wages.
    Newt Gingrich was accurate to say the GOP is on a cycle that is negative and vicious.
    We closed 58,000 plants in the first decade of this century and it has not been stopped.
    Smart Socks recently moved our 45 jobs to Mexico.
    President Obama was correct to say we have had a decline in good jobs.
    He explained that the income of the top 1% nearly quadrupled from 1979 to 2007, while the typical family’s barely budget. As the recovery continues the earnings of the average worker are down. Newly hired auto workers make a fraction of what the industry historically paid.
    There does not seem to be any good answer to better paying jobs.

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