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There’s nothing political folks like better than a good Civil War – whether you happen to be a Republican or a Democrat it’s hard to find a pogrom more satisfying than purging the heretics in your own party, which is not necessarily an unproductive experience: After all, Reagan’s victory in 1980 was the result of a five year Republican Civil War.
The first sign that the everyday normal bumps and grinds of Republican politics might break into open warfare came when John McCain branded Rand Paul and Ted Cruz ‘Wacko Birds.’ That set the stage for Round 2 when the ‘Wacko Birds’ met the ‘Old Birds’ eye-to-eye at the Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC).
At forty-one Senator Marco Rubio is a pretty unusual standard bearer for the Old Birds. A Cuban immigrant’s son who needed an opportunity and got one, Senator Rubio pulled himself up by his bootstraps. At twenty-eight, he ran for the Florida Legislature and quickly became a ‘rising star.’ He walked onto the stage at CPAC and gave an earnest, smooth, passionate speech about American exceptionalism. He was articulate. But cautious. He crossed swords with no one.
Next a tousle-haired fifty-year-old wearing a dark blue jacket and blue jeans, looking like a college professor, walked onto the stage and he wasn’t smooth at all. Or cautious. With wry humor Rand Paul poked fun at Obama for saying he had to cancel White House tours for schoolchildren due to a lack of money but, then, three days later, sending $250 million to Egypt in foreign aid. After quoting Lincoln, Montesquieu and Lewis Carroll’s ‘White Queen,’ Paul turned his wit on the Old Birds, saying the Republican Establishment ‘has grown stale and covered with moss.’
Paul went on to win the straw poll at CPAC.
Now, that’s not a sure sign the Wacko Birds will pluck the Old Birds.
But it is a sure sign the Civil War has started.



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3 comments on “Wacko Birds and Old Birds

  1. dap916 says:

    Yes, yes, yes, Carter. Love me some Rand Paul and love me some “youngsters” that want to rid the GOP of their “old birds”.

    However, this “old bird” problem isn’t exclusive to the republican party. We have just SO many legislators in D.C. from both parties that are there to maintain their position of prominence and power and influence. These folks argue and fuss with each other on “this and that”…but they all know that they have to do whatever they can to maintain their positions. Dems will go against liberal/progressive/DNC beliefs if it means people in their districts/states will see them as believing what those voters want them to believe and say. Republicans will do the same. Screw what’s right and screw what’s best for our country…it’s all about securing votes and staying in power…keeping their seat in the legislature.

    Low information voters haven’t got a clue this is what they’re doing. High information voters are the ones that want “something different”. Because of the massive amount of money into campaigns from self-serving PAC’s and lobbyists…these people continue to win.

    How to change that? God only knows.

  2. clarence swinney says:

    Under House plus Senate budgets. Non-defense discretionary spending will be fifty year low as percent of GDP.
    Half of discretionary goes to defense. Usually, that non defense discretionary spending is one fifth of all spending. The new budgets make it lowest since 1962.

  3. Choo says:

    I think it is safe to say the civil war within the party is going on now and the old birds who have lost the last few elections are in retreat

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