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Let’s be honest: The voter ID law that Governor McCrory signed is about political power, not fraud.
A letter-writer to the N&O got it right where the Governor got it wrong. McCrory said: “Common practices like boarding an airplane and purchasing Sudafed require photo ID, and we should expect nothing less for the protection of our right to vote.”
Thomas Magnani of Cary briskly summed up the difference. Unlike boarding a plane or taking medicine, he wrote, “voting is…everyone’s constitutional right.”
Normally, conservatives oppose government limiting Americans’ constitutional rights, like owning a gun. But when it comes to the right to vote, they can’t enact enough limits.
On Monday, Watauga County Republicans rammed through limits on students’ right to vote at Appalachian State University.
The Watauga Democrat reported: “Amid shouts and boos from an audience of about 60 people, the (county elections) board…eliminated the early voting site on the ASU campus and recombined the Boone precincts into one with 9,340 registered voters and one polling place.”
In other words, students can no longer vote on campus.
Again, this is about power – and Republicans’ willingness to use political power to disenfranchise people who might vote Republicans out of power.
Well, they certainly are making voting harder for some people. But they may make those people work harder in 2014 and 2016.


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One comment on “Votes and Power

  1. dap916 says:

    I want to start my reply to your post here, Gary, by saying the so-called “limitations” with regard to any college student of legal voting age is American is wrong. Now, I know that there has to be a cut-off and a time limit on when voting can happen, but if there was a concerted effort to deny American students from voting, it is wrong-minded. I’ll look at exactly what that was about and get back with ya.

    With regard to having an ID to vote, you are just too blind. The biggest two arguments against voter ID is that 1) there have been no incidents of voter fraud by people that aren’t supposed to vote in NC and 2) it puts a burden on the poor and minorities.

    With regard to 1) above: How would anyone know if there have been any incidents of voter fraud by people that are not supposed to be voting if there is not a way to check their ID and to see if they are who they say they are when they vote? It’s just so…DUH ! And, 2) Gary here has listed a couple of things in our lives that require an ID…but avoids dozens of them to make it look like there really aren’t that many things government requires for an ID. Get on a plane..need an ID. Renew a car license plate…need an ID. Cash a check…need an ID. Buy alcohol…need an ID. Buy tobacco…need an ID. The list goes on and on and on and on and on. So, just how many of those that the republicans are wanting to get an ID to vote would really be affected here? Really…c’mon. Who is really THAT stupid to think this is a requirement that is trying to keep minorities and the poor and others that vote democratic from voting? Give me a break.

    It’s just one more thing that the left/democrats are doing to keep those within their voting ranks believing something ludicrous so as to keep them within those voting ranks. The “low-information” voters fall all over themselves believing democrats are all about “protecting” their right to vote…but, that’s ridiculous.

    If there are few or no people voting illegally in our state, then this shouldn’t be any kind of big deal. And, there are provisions within our state to make sure that even if there are people that cannot afford an ID, the state will pay for it and get it for them. Of course, they’ll have to prove they are who they say they are and they’ll actually have to be eligible to vote.

    This is a totally disengenuous presentation and the democrats in our state KNOW that there are people that vote illegally and the vast majority of them are voting democratic. No, I have no proof of that, but who is fighting against Voter ID? That will tell you everything.

    Next issue.

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