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The internal politics of the North Carolina Democratic Party are a mystery to me, so I’m lost when people ask, essentially, “WTF is Randy Voller up to?” So I refer you to an insightful piece by an observer I trust: Bob Geary with Indy Week.
Geary begins: “After a stormy year as state Democratic Party chair, Randy Voller should step down for the sake of his party’s candidates and North Carolina. I say this knowing that he won’t, because Voller sees himself as a visionary leader—but he can’t see that he’s hurting Democratic prospects for 2014.”
And Geary concludes with a spot-on observation about a party chairman’s duty: “In election years, the job is to elect candidates—not be the story instead of them.”
Amen. The future of Democratic candidates – not to mention that of North Carolina, the nation and the free world – might depend on whether the party’s executive committee remembers this admonition when it meets March 9.


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One comment on “Vollermort

  1. Anonymous says:

    Chairman of the Democratic Party should be an easy job. Like anyone in charge you are graded by what success you have. I think you grade success by how many Democrats you put in the state government. That also should be like falling off a stump. Promise to give everyone everything they want. No one should have to work, everything should be free, and Santa Clause comes 52 weeks a year. I could do that job in my sleep.

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