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Don’t underestimate how much the Newtown killings can change politics. It has happened before.
In 1995, President Clinton was struggling to be relevant in a Washington dominated by Newt Gingrich and his newly triumphant Republican majority. Then came the Oklahoma City bombing. Seizing the moment, Clinton spoke for the nation’s grief and anger. The tone of politics shifted. Gingrich and the Republicans began a long, slow slide. Clinton cruised to reelection. Gingrich never recovered.
Even the horror of that bombing doesn’t compare to this. Nothing compares to the cold-blooded, face-to-face murder of little children in schoolrooms.
Americans are united in grief. But we’re divided in our anger. Many of us are angry about guns. Many are angry because their guns are threatened.
You can watch the divide play out on social media. Friends and relatives argue on-line – or unfriend each other.
President Obama spoke eloquently to the grief of all and to the anger about guns.
He clearly is planning something.  And he has to act.  While passions inevitably will cool and the NRA will bide its time, there is too much political pressure on the President and congressional Democrats.
This is going to be a bitter and divisive battle. Like the slavery debate in “Lincoln,” there can be no compromise – one winner and one loser.
And the battle could change politics dramatically.


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2 comments on “Under the Gun

  1. clarence swinney says:

    What happened? 2001-2009
    Repeal of Glass-Steagall and Modernization of Commodities Markets
    and Neo-Con Imperialists=disasters
    Took a 240B surplus at 9-30-01 to a 1450 Deficit at 9-30-09.
    Took an 1830 Budget on 9-30-01to 3520B on 9-30-09
    Borrowed 6100B in 8 years— debt —5800B on 9-30-01to 11,900 on 9-30-09
    Initiated two wars that cost 2000B
    Passed a rich mans tax cut that lost 1900B revenue in 8 years
    Now we owe 16,000B thanks to those guys.

  2. dap916 says:

    What in the world does your post have to do with guns? That’s the topic of Gary’s presentation.

    How about posting your “facts” and “figures” on the FORUM here and let’s all discuss them….you have the guts to do that?

    I mean, hey, if what you’re saying is correct and is verifiable…you shouldn’t have a problem doing that. It’d be fun.

    Oh well…probably ain’t gonna happen since it appears you just get your info from somewhere that you can “copy & paste” it here without any effort to even find out if it has any merit at all.

    But, hey, thanks commrade for your posts. It makes me know I’m standing on the right side of the aisle.

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