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In the desert land where the Lord struck St. Paul blind then showed him a vision, a pair of skunks are fighting a Civil War and five-thousand miles away in the world’s oldest democracy a great hue and cry has arisen to bomb one of the skunks. 
Now in the oldest democracy politics is a bit underhanded so hardly a politician calls bombing another country a war – they call it a ‘limited military action’ with ‘no boots on the ground.’
The Viking-helmeted war-hawks – like John McCain and Lindsey Graham – are telling anyone who’ll listen that one of the two skunks (the Assad-skunk) is the worst, lowest, meanest varmint to walk the earth since Hitler. It’s the vile puppet of our bitter enemies the Iranians. And thinks nothing of gassing innocent women and children.
And the powerful voices of cable TV, with the prospect of bombs falling and evening news ratings soaring, have raised their voices from the usual howl to a thundering chorus of outrage spiced with devilment. But hardly a soul’s asked: What about the other skunk? Has it slaughtered innocent women and children too?
And no one – from the President to the Secretary of State to the leaders in Congress – seems to have given a thought to how not long ago, in the land of the pyramids, when a pair of skunks were fighting we abandoned the ‘Mubarak-skunk’ to side with the ‘Muslim-Brotherhood-skunk’ – which didn’t work out too well. Or how before that, in the land of the Barbary pirates, we helped the ‘Libyan-rebel-skunk’ by bombing the ‘Gaddafi-skunk’ – which ended with our embassy being blown up.
War’s a deadly business. Limited military actions spin out of control. Skunks strike back. People get killed. And no matter what our over-heated politicians in Washington declare – this time someone ought to stop and remember: Replacing one skunk with another is not a grand plan.



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3 comments on “Two Skunks

  1. Choo says:

    The real plan by the skunk in the White House is to work this into a plan where if it is perceived to have succeeded, then the White House skunk strutts, chest out. If it fails, those damn congressmen are good for nothing. On the playground we call that Heads I win Tails you lose.

  2. jack-of-all-thumbs says:

    Hard to find fault with this observation.
    So far, I am firmly perched on the fence on this one.
    On the one hand, gassing civilians should be met with something more than harsh words. On the other, as Carter points out, history shows that no faction in this region has clean hands, and indeed our own are quite soiled. Any step taken by us, will understandably be seen quite differently, depending on who’s watching.

  3. Choo says:

    Jack of thumbs, I will make you a bet that no matter what Obama does, he will be the smartest person in the world. Bomb Syria and kill 300 bad guys and about 1,000 women and children, Success. Don’t do anything and he is so wise.

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