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When the ‘anti-frackers’ launched their million dollar ad campaign to defeat Chad Barefoot and three other Republican State Senators the Senate Republican Caucus returned fire, calling on Barefoot’s opponent to denounce the flood of “special interest money” pouring into the district then added, “Who knows what Sarah Crawford (Barefoot’s opponent) has promised these people.”

That night gathered around the dinner table with an eclectic collection of Democratic and Republican partisans, lawyers, and political consultants, Conor, a small-town lawyer who may be the last of the Jessecrats said, In the simple black and white world of Republican heroes and Democratic villains what the ‘anti-frackers’ are up to is pure villainy but there’re two sides to every coin.
Mike, who greatly admires the work of the Republican State Senators, leaned forward, braced himself on both elbows and said, I expect I’ll probably regret this – but how’s that? and Conor explained how the ‘pro-frackers’ have been contributing pretty steadily to Republican Bob Rucho who’d just passed their bill to jump-start fracking and give the fracking companies a million dollar government subsidy and how, back in April, the local Chamber of Commerce and its cousin the US Chamber of Commerce had given $800,000 to Republican groups to pay for ads to defeat Democratic Supreme Court Justice Robin Hudson and how, after the election, Senator Rucho had introduced a bill to give Chamber members (like pharmaceutical companies) immunity when they sell a fellow a drug that’s supposed to cure his diabetes but, instead, lands him in ER with a stroke.
Mike didn’t like where the conversation was heading – so he said: So you don’t think fracking means more jobs? and Conor said, We’re not talking about jobs. We’re talking about your Republican kettle calling my Democratic pot black.


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2 comments on “Two Sides to Every Coin

  1. Anonymous says:

    “We’re not talking about jobs. We’re talking about your Republican kettle calling my Democratic pot black”.

    Everything you said prior to this quote was just more of the same from you, Mr. Pearce. But, this quote is just so dead on. All of the absolute bull-crap that democratic and republican politicians spew out about creating jobs is just that….BULL-CRAP. Both parties are kettles calling each other black over and over and over again. How many times have we seen democrats and democratic pundits calling out republicans for doing exactly the same thing democrats have done…or ARE doing? And, vice versa.

    Politics…it’s all about perception. And, the side that is able to put forth the perception that they’re better than the other side always wins. Here, Gary, all you are doing is trying to change people’s perception.

  2. Anonymous says:

    Dap, didn’t Carter write this one. Confused. I do agree there is not a bit of difference. The Republicans are cheap socialist. They can do socialism cheaper than the Democrats, and that is about the only difference.

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