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Democrats should hold their fire here. Especially since a McCrory vs. media fight is brewing. Don’t get in the way.
The North Carolina Press Association objects to the one-camera, one-reporter pool for the new governor’s swearing-in Saturday.
“McCrory campaigned on openness and transparency. Granted, there’ll be no major deals brokered during the ceremony, but the state’s highest elected office should be treated special. Public ceremonies are preferred and, whether directly or indirectly, a message is being sent to constituents of ‘behind closed doors’ activity….
“If we are to believe McCrory is going to be open and transparent, he should give us reason to believe it from Day One.”
Go back to 1993 and the early days of the Clinton administration. Team Clinton abruptly cut off the press’ access to the West Wing press office. Once that milk got sour, it never got better. The media’s mistrust of Clinton – and the resulting tough scrutiny – played no small part in his impeachment. (Of course, that’s all forgotten today.)
An administration that picks a fight with the media on Day One is asking for trouble.
There’s certainly nothing wrong with McCrory being sworn in on January 5, a week before the ceremony, parade and ball. Apparently, the all-powerful Junior League picked the January 12 date. That’s too late. Typically, Governors are sworn in the first Saturday after New Year’s Day. 
As I recall, that was the case with Governor Hunt’s four oath-takings. Of course, he was succeeding himself two of those times, so it didn’t make any difference.


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6 comments on “Two Inaugurals?

  1. dap916 says:

    Now I see why the republican party is so adamant about gun rights. I mean, without a gun, they wouldn’t be able to shoot themselves in the foot so often :-).

    And, that’s exactly what McCrory is doing here. Sure, I know that the media is just upset because it looks like McCrory is slighting them and are reacting to that. And, yeah, I know McCrory & Co. have their reasons for this. But, c’mon, guys. Over and over again, it’s been proven that any political party (or candidate) that even LOOKS like it’s slighting the media brings consequences. Gary pointed that out with Clinton. There are just so many more examples.

    I bitch and moan about how the press is far too involved in partisan presentations not only in NC but all across the country. But, knowing this, what’s the benefit in doing something that will accelerate their intentions? This was a poor decision and I fear McCrory will suffer for it along with many republicans in our state.

  2. clarence swinney says:

    $1T Welfare
    Fox news having a ball with that number.
    Correct number is $746 Billion
    Congressional Research Service has a detailed report.
    FY 2008=$563B
    FY 2009=$692B
    FY 2010=$733B
    FY 2011=$746B
    + 33% since Great Recession
    Fox does not mention that tax exemptions are almost twice the 746 number.
    Republicans have not presented a tax increase since 1990.
    Yet! They borrowed $10,000 Billion.
    Take good care of fifteen million ultra rich. Shaft seventy million.

  3. dap916 says:

    Okay…most folks wouldn’t have seen this but “Anonymous User” here got their post featured before my post (dap916). Now, I’ve been told here on TAP on this very front page that posts are posted by some kind of timeline. Well, check out my timeline vs. anonymous User’s timeline.

    I’m not trying to be some kind of bitcher and moaner…but, let’s get it straight here…let’s tell the truth here.

    You set me straight, Luther…but, you know the timeline doesn’t jive here. I know what I saw on the Front Page…I know that Anonymous User got his post on here before mine ever saw the light of day here…and even though now it shows my post was before Anonymous User’s…that’s not what happened.

    Be honest with us…that’s all I ask.

  4. Carbine says:

    “The Press” hates McCrory and will treat him like dirt no matter what he does because he is a Republican who had the effrontery to win an election. All successful Republican politicians are treated the same way, always have been, always will be. It is folly to expect the press to act any differently, and even worse folly for a Republican politician to try to court the press’ favor.

    McCrory’s plan for a simple, dignified ceremony in the cramped quarters of the old Capitol building is a good one. The press will make fools of themselves complaining that the ceremony lacks “openness” or “transparency” even as they show film of it on the evening news. People who blindly hate Republicans, and those who are just too dense to grasp the concept of irony (two overlapping sets to be sure) will react as Gary has; the rest of the state will nod approvingly and move on.

  5. dap916 says:

    Thanks for correcting the time line. I’m sure there are those that think because now…NOW…dap’s post is first anonymous user’s post didn’t initially come out first. Love it. Nice maneuver. Guess old dap916 needs to stop questioning this kind of thing. Okay…I’ll do just that. And, I will also now stop posting on TAP. Thanks.

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