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Next year may be a Republican year, but politics is funny. Polls show Richard Burr getting little more than 40 percent of the vote against a generic Democratic opponent.

One problem: No Democratic candidate has yet convinced the party he or she can beat Burr.

The Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee is making another run at Cal Cunningham – now that the DSCC’s ill-advised wait on Bob Etheridge is finally over.
But the election is less than a year away. Burr is several million dollars ahead in fundraising. His stout defense of the pharmaceutical industry won’t hurt his fund-raising either.
The parade of Democrats who maintain they are putting their families first is getting ridiculous. Get real. Any politician worth his or her salt will happily neglect their families for a year for a chance to go to the United States Senate. The calculation is all about whether they can win.
The spotlight is now back on Cunningham. His Facebook club says, “We now have every reason to believe that Cal is listening to those who want him back in the running.”
Enough listening. Get in the game or get off the field.


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