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A sharp-eyed TAPster thinks that Thom Tillis is stretching the truth (again) on his biography.
The TAPster notes that Tillis says in his new “Kitchen” ad: “I’ve been a paperboy, a short order cook, a warehouse clerk and eventually a partner at IBM.”
“Freeze it!” as Dick Vitale would say. The TAPster protests: “IBM doesn’t have ‘partners’.”
According to his bio on the Speaker’s Office website, “Thom was an executive with IBM Corporation where he led a management consulting practice focused on the financial services industry. Prior to joining IBM in 2002, Thom was a partner at PricewaterhouseCoopers, one of the world’s largest accounting and management consulting firms.”
Partner, executive, who cares? Well, earlier, Tillis got caught saying he graduated from the “University of Maryland.” It turned out that he received a bachelor’s degree in 1997 from University of Maryland University College, “an accredited, distance-learning institution affiliated with the state’s university system.”
Maybe this is a difference without a distinction. But Tillis doesn’t need to get flagged again for being offsides on his own bio.


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2 comments on “Tillis an IBM ‘Partner’?

  1. Anonymous says:

    Somethings don’t exsist. Sharp eyed TAPster. How deep in the weeds does this one go. Not sure anyone outside Tillis’s family or those on the campaign at the closest level know or care. Watch Waters World on Fox News. When Jessie Watters goes into a town like Chapel Hill, most of those there can’t tell you the name of the Vice President, and don’t have a clue about a Senator or member of congress. Please spend a lot of Democratic money telling how Tillis didn’t really graduate from UM or how he really wasn’t a “official partner with IBM”. That has got to work.

  2. Anonymous says:

    And who would this elusive “TAPster” be anyway, Mr. Pearce? Since you won’t mention who he/she is, I’m pretty sure there’s really no such “TAPster” and it’s just you posting more B.S. from the left side of where ever you sit when you put this stuff on this blog site.

    You’re so silly, Gary. I can’t wait to read your posts after the November elections. I’ll be sure to put my hankey down next to my laptop to wipe away my tears because I’m thinkin;’ there are going to be some sad, sad posts about how everything was “unfair” and how the republicans were so horrible and so forth. hahahahahaha

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