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Republicans strode up to the plate in Raleigh with big bats and high hopes, then whiffed on three straight pitches.
Strike one was teacher pay. Their top goal was to stop the bleeding on education. But their so-called pay raise was so full of holes, questions and confusion that nobody is satisfied, teachers are still mad and voters think the Governor and the legislature are anti-education.
Strike two was coal ash. They did nothing on the state’s biggest environmental crisis in decades. Nothing.
Strike three belonged to Governor McCrory alone. He stepped up to the plate to be the hero on coal ash after the legislature struck out. But he tied himself in ethical knots by wrongly reporting his Duke stock on his ethics statement.
How big a sin is this? Well, look at it this way: If Bev Perdue had done it, the legislature would have impeached her.
So McCrory is in hot water, Thom Tillis is lagging behind Senator Hagan, Senator Berger’s son lost his congressional primary and – notwithstanding the advantages of incumbency, fundraising and gerrymandering – Democrats may be looking at a good fall season.


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One comment on “Three Strikes

  1. Anonymous says:

    I think the teachers are going to give back that pay raise. After all it’s so convoluted, it’s not as simple to understand as the previous no raise at all offered by the Democrats for the past 7 years. Hard to beat simplicity. Bev and the gang had that simple thing down to a science.

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