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The seeds for the 2010 election were sown in August 2009 by the raucous public protests that morphed into the Tea Party movement.
Will the public employee protests in Wisconsin sow the seeds for the 2012 election?
Democrats hope so. Public employees are a big part of the party’s constituency. Democratic office-holders around the country might well see a huge upside in stirring up anger and passion over budget cuts – with the goal of mobilizing millions of voters next year.
There are two varieties of campaign strategies: “win the middle” (Obama 2008) and “fire up the base” (Bush 2004).
Sometimes, the base gets itself fired up and takes over.
North Carolina – with players on the field like Dana Cope of SEANC and William Barbour of the NAACP – could become another Wisconsin this year.


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2 comments on “This Year's Tea Party?

  1. dap916 says:


    No mention on the horrendous problem our state…most states..are having financially or the federal government as well. No mention of how we can solve our problems and no suggestions on how the parties can work together on them in any kind of bipartisan way. Yeah, yeah..I know…”tell the republicans that”. Just more talk about how something is better “politically” for one party over another.

    A metric ton of political strategizing or taking advantage of each other’s party or lovely rhetoric or spin will do absolutely squat for our problems. But, all I see and hear lately is political fighting and maneuvering.

    What the heck is wrong with us, Gary???????

    We’re doomed

  2. Carbine says:

    Oh yes, yes, please PLEASE advise that to all your Democratic clients, Gary. PLEASE urge the NCAE, NAACP, and the other left-wing wacko organizations to take to the streets, demanding more and more of everyone else’s money, and more and more job security while others are hanging on to their jobs by the skin of their teeth. Tell the teachers they really, really, need to stage a “sick out;” the voters who have to juggle their kids’ unexpected holiday while still trying to hold on to their jobs will understand, as will the many jobless voters who would kill for a job–any job.

    I can’t wait.

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