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According to the Census Bureau, back in the fall of 2011 without knowing it we crossed a kind of Rubicon.
Back then – during the last quarter of 2011 – 101,716,000 people had full time jobs while 108,592,000 people were receiving payments from welfare programs and, if that sounds like skating across thin ice, there’s more to the picture: 101,439,000 people were receiving Social Security, Medicare and unemployment compensation.
When you eliminate the overlap between the two groups, according to the Census Bureau, the number of people receiving government benefits climbs to 151,014,000.
151,000,000 people receiving benefits. And 101,000,000 people working.
Can that last?


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2 comments on “Thin Ice

  1. Anonymous says:

    This is all by design, Carter. I’m pretty sure you not only understand why I’m saying that but know it’s true. When more people receive from government than contribute to government, we have progressed into a kind of “quasi-socialist” state. We’re there….your data shows this. Those that do receive from government aren’t going to vote for people that want to take that away from them. I mean, even you and even me would pause for a moment when voting if we thought that politician “X” is perceived by us as someone that wants to stop (or lessen) what we receive from government. I’m a rabid conservative republican…admit to it. But…hey….when you start talking about taking away what I have because of what I get from the “entitlement system”, you’re then changing my thoughts and at the end of the day, my vote. I am on Social Security. I receive Medicare. I don’t “get” anything else, but I DO get those things because of my age and because I paid into those social systems. Make me believe I’m going to suffer if that politician “X” I talked about is going to take some of what I get away from me, I’m going to vote for Politician “Y” that says he/she won’t do that and will actually give me more.

    It’s what our country has come to. We’ve seen quotes by notable Founding Fathers that said (paraphrased): ‘When voters realize they can vote themselves money in any nation, that nation is doomed’.

    This is where we’re at, sadly.

  2. Anonymous says:

    The Democrats have an answer. Allow 5 to 10 million more illegals across the border, then make them citizens, about half of them will begin to work, that is until they see the other half living great without working, then the numbers will go up again. The problem never ends because all new voters will vote for Santa Clause above someone that expects them to make it on their own by working. You see working is old school. The new style is to not work and draw benifits from Santa Clause. Old school people used to call him Uncle Sam, but today it’s Santa Clause.

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