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Over in Afghanistan, according to the newspaper, 25-year-old Khayyam and 19-year-old Siddiqa fell in love;—now Khayyam already had a wife but that wasn’t a hurdle because in Afghanistan men can have four wives; instead the hurdle was his family turned thumbs down on the marriage, plus Siddiqa was already engaged to a relative of Khayyam’s who she didn’t want to marry.
Khayyam and Siddiqa eloped.
A few months later their families found them hiding in a distant province and promised if they’d come home all would be forgiven. But the day they returned home they were seized by the Taliban which convened a court of Mullahs and convicted them. Next they were taken outside into the bazaar, surrounded by 200 villagers and stoned.
Siddiqa in her burqa was killed first.
Then Khayyam.
Khayyam’s father and brother and Siddiqa’s brother participated in the stoning.
Afterwards a local farmer, Nader Khan, told a Kabul reporter, “People were very happy seeing this,” adding the crowd was festive and cheered during the stoning. The couple, he concluded, “did a bad thing.”
A spokesman for the Taliban speaking by cell phone also explained to the reporter it all was handled quite properly according to Shariah Law which he claimed is “based on Islamic Law,” at least the way the Taliban sees it.


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One comment on “'They did a bad Thing'

  1. dap916 says:

    What we need to do in America is to enact some Sharia Law beliefs into our judicial system. That way, we will show that we’re not all Islamophobes and that we are “accepting” of everyone of color and faith. That’s the ticket.

    Anyone that thinks that this is not what the direction of our country would go if those in control of our government are able to stay in control, they’re idiots. I don’t use the word “idiot” lightly and, to be honest, it is not the best word…except when true. What I’ve said is true.

    Somehow, I think the majority of our citizens are seeing this, though. Thank goodness for that !!!

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