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Mandy Grunwald may be the best political consultant you’ve never heard of.

She’s the image-maker behind Hillary’s “Sopranos” video. And she’ll handle the ongoing repackaging of Hillary.

I’ve known Mandy for more than 20 years. She worked with David Sawyer when he was Jim Hunt’s media consultant, including in the 1984 Senate race. Of course, none of us are boasting about the job we did then. (A footnote: Mandy’s father was Henry Grunwald, the late editor of Time.)

Mandy is one of the best in the business. She played a key role in Clinton’s win in 1992, although she never got the publicity of a Carville or Stephanopoulos. It was Mandy who came up with the idea of putting Bill Clinton on late-night talk shows. And she helped redefine him as “The Man From Hope.”

She worked with Hillary in the health care debacle. The media strategy was much better than the policy. And she was a key player in both Senate races.

Mandy’s strength is in knowing that politics is about more than policy. It’s about people’s lives. And it’s about how politicians’ character and personality connect with those lives.

The cliché about Hillary is that she can’t win because too many people don’t like her. I bet Mandy can make them like her. Stay tuned.

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