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The way things are going, Pat McCrory may end up as the Uneducation Governor.
First he questioned a liberal arts college education. Even Carter had trouble swallowing that.
Now his administration appoints an early-childhood director who opposes early-childhood education programs.
Democrats should welcome the chance to take this one to the voters.

When Governor Hunt launched Smart Start 20 years ago, we did a lot of polling.  We knew the right-wingers would attack it as “government interfering with families.” We tested that with voters.
They laughed at the criticism.  Given the number of working parents, single parents and broken families, they thought government needed to more for early-childhood, not less.
A side note: WRAL reported that the director, Dianna Lightfoot, had a noteworthy Twitter account that she suddenly deleted:
“In postings on her ‘ChinaLight44’ Twitter account, Lightfoot calls Hillary Clinton one of Obama’s ‘Butch bunch’ and apparently suggests that the massive Japan earthquake of March 11, 2011, may have been caused by ultrasonic waves from neighboring China or North Korea.”
Really, I’m not making this stuff up.


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2 comments on “The War on Education

  1. dap916 says:

    Senate Bill 14 has passed and it was lauded as a “bipartisan effort”. I’m sure you, Gary, don’t want it to prove to help our education system or help people in our state or be good legislation. You know…kind of like the Rush Limbaugh’s “I hope he fails” statement about Obama’s agenda. It’s going to be a rough road to hoe for McCrory and the republican-led legislature with all of the democratic pundits in addition to the press in our state looking daily for how they can trash each and everything coming from our republican state government leaders. And that trashing will come in the form of lies, mistruths, skewed information, statements taken out of context and showing a rare example of some republican agreeing with even a portion of something the left is saying about a specific subject so as to persuade people that the left is correct and the right is wrong.

    It is a working strategy, I’m sad to say. It is what got Obama reelected and it’s just a matter of time before the democratic strategists in NC figure out how to use their friends in the media in our state to run the republican party here into the ground using those tactics.

    Not sure if the current bunch in control of the NCGOP in Raleigh are up to the task, to be honest. We’ve been successful in winning the majority in the legislature and the governorship…but, our party has been extremely divided and non-cohesive. The next two years is going to be very interesting politically here in our fair state, I think.

  2. Carbine says:

    Democrats have owned the education issue since the Jim Hunt days. Now they own the public’s dissatisfaction with the sorry results their championship of the traditional model has brought. McCrory is responding to public demand that we try something different in education. That “something different” is bound to threaten the parochial interests of the traditional education establishment, hence all the noise coming from the ivory towers.

    McCrory is right to ignore that noise. It’s out of tune with the public mood, and only distracts from the goal of a more effective system of public education.

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