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This is a peculiar twist. The ACLU and anti-torture activists want the Governor, the Attorney General and just about everyone else – including the Johnston County Commissioners – to investigate Smithfield based Aero Contractors, which provides charter flights to the CIA.

No one – including the Global Transport Authority – has taken them up on their request. So, last week, an ACLU ‘senior rights advisor’ flew to Raleigh and threatened the Legislature by saying federal and state governments are obligated to investigate under the United Nations convention against torture. (News and Observer; 12/13/06).

Now, the North Carolina Legislature has a lot of failings. But (except maybe for Jim Hunt) no one has ever been able to dictate to it. If the ACLU thinks legislators are going to hop up, salute, and take orders from the United Nations they’ve never seen Marc Basnight in action.

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