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President Bush’s immigration speech showed just how far he has fallen.

And it happened when – in my opinion – he actually is trying to do the right thing. (There, that’s my nod to bipartisanship this week.)

On gay rights, Bush is the monkey to the right-wing organ grinders. Even though Laura disagrees – publicly!

On immigration, Bush actually has the instinct to stand up to the talk radio blowhards.

But he doesn’t have the political heft to do it.

Instead, he spends most of his speech begging the right-wingers to please believe that he’s not for “amnesty.”

Amnesty, by the way, has been a political poison pill since Nixon’s CREEP fed it to McGovern in 1972: “Acid, Amnesty and Abortion.”

Bush had to grovel even more. He had to promise to call out the National Guard, which is already so overstretched in Iraq it couldn’t help Katrina victims.

The most bitter pill of all: About the only kind words for Bush – “courageous” – came from Ted Kennedy.

Bush’s ratings are falling faster than the stock market is rising.

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