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To cure gun violence the Vice President met with the NRA, which told him the cure was fixing our broken culture – like violent video games; next the Vice President met with the video game industry which told him ‘Independent scientific research showed no connection between video games and real-life violence,’ then another group told him the American Academy of Pediatrics had a study that proved ‘Media violence is one of the causal factors in real-life violence.’
After that the pro-gun control folks weighed in saying they’ve decided instead of banning assault weapons they just want to ban the high-capacity magazines that make rifles assault weapons.
Then Vice President Biden aired a remedy of his own, suggesting technology that keeps a gun from being fired by anyone other than the person who bought it might be a cure – which sounded reasonable until I mentioned it to a friend who snorted, “What if a burglar breaks into my house and my wife needs to use the gun I bought to shoot him?”
By then the search for a cure was looking like a porridge of politics with people running in circles going nowhere.
Finally, President Obama weighed in hurling executive orders like lightning bolts and thundering about the bills the Congress had to pass, and right in the middle of the new rhubarb the NRA launched an ad dragging the President’s children into the melee – so, now, instead of a serious search for a cure that would protect citizens and preserve Constitutional Rights, both at the same time, there’s a political circus underway with ploys, gambits and thundering politicians – who won’t cure anything.


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3 comments on “The Search for the Cure

  1. ncpatriot says:

    When I heard President Obama say in his first statement “We must see that something like this never happens again in America”, I was reminded that the President really believes that government can do anything.” Pick a solution, any solution, and there can be no guarantee of “never again.” The President, who does not understand the limits of government power, started off a policy discussion with an impossible promise in regard to an issue, it starts a train wreck. Just change the names and positions and this is Obamacare. As Yokie said, “It is deja vu all over again.

  2. Carbine says:

    The president knows he’s talking nonsense, but he knows that his base is stupid enough to fall for it. People who follow Obama do so out of the same star-struck hero worship that enabled Hitler to dominate the German people.

  3. Choo says:

    I have the answer. Just ask the Wake County School Board. Unarmed guards. Who else would make such a stupid statement. Stop assualt weapon crazies, who attack a school with an unarmed guard. These are the people we elected to determine how the schools our children attend are protected. Lets hope someone thinks this through.

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