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I woke up yesterday feeling Romney would win but after a dozen calls from people asking about polls in Ohio (not one of which shows Romney leading) I went to bed thinking, Every single poll can’t be wrong.
This morning, at the crack of dawn, I got Dick Morris’ predictions saying all the polls were dead wrong and Romney will win ten swing states plus Pennsylvania and Minnesota and clobber Obama 325 to 213 in the Electoral College – and I thought, Dick wouldn’t say that unless he took his own poll. And he’s a good pollster.
Then, after I got to the office, I opened the newspaper and read about three new polls by NBC/Wall Street Journal, ABC/Washington Post and PEW Research – all showing Obama winning.
At lunch Mike, the twenty-something young Republican political consultant, who’d spent all morning furiously ‘tweeting,’ stopped punching buttons on his iPhone and blurted out, This uncertainly is driving me crazy.
Eric who’s Scottish and a lawyer and theologian to boot looked up from his plate.
Well, he said, You could look on it as a test of faith.
Mike plopped down his phone. The last thing I need is some kind of test – I  just want to win and get it over with.
Then, Eric said, You might as well rely on the Redskins Rule.
The Washington Redskins final game before the election has predicted who would win the White House in every election since 1940 – except once.
If the Redskins win the incumbent wins. If they lose, the challenger wins.
This year they lost.


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One comment on “The Redskins Rule

  1. dap916 says:

    I loved that, Carter. At the end of the day, it’s all about hope…hope enough of “our” folks come out to vote…endure the long lines to vote. Most of the people that will vote for the “other side” have either voted absentee/early or will have all day to stand in line to vote because they have no job and have nothing better to do, of course. This is our last chance to get America back to being what America is all about in the first place. If we don’t get that done in this election…then c’mon socialisnm/marxism etc. It’s not rocket science. That’s where our guy Obama wants to take us to make sure our minorities have what our white folks have and to be sure that “everyone is equal” and to make sure our political system is “fair”.
    Uh, huh…yeah….youbetcha. That’s important…let’s make sure all available money in our taxpayer-paid government takes care of those that won’t/don’t take care of themselves, No one wants to see our indigent and those that don’t have the ability to take care of themselves not getting help. But, that’s gonna be the argument.

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