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Last week, a reader – clearly crazed by alcohol or the legislature, or both – suggested a new cocktail named for the Governor: the “Bevtini.” (See Gov on Ice, below.)
Now he submits a libation in honor of intense, energetic, often frenetic Rep. Pryor Gibson, who is leaving the House to work for Perdue:
The “Pryor Punch”:
40 gals of Red Bull chugged in 5 minutes
A splash of Anson County creek water
Constantly swirl
Only drink a portion of what you make, then abruptly switch to a Bevtini.
I have challenged this reader to dedicate himself to proposing a drink for all 170 members of the legislature – and any other deserving Capitol target.


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2 comments on “The "Pryor Punch"

  1. Carbine says:

    Pryor Gibson worked his tail off for his constituents. I didn’t always agree with where he stood or the votes he cast, but I had to admire the work ethic he brought to the job. I know a lot of people thought he was some kind of crook (no one could ever say why), but he was always straight with me. He would have been bored to death as a minority member in this General Assembly, but I’m going to miss him.

  2. blculbre says:

    haha hilarious

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