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Being mean is not a formula for success in politics, and Governor McCrory may learn that lesson the hard way.
Hold on, you say. What about Jesse Helms? He made a 30-year career out of being mean and picking on politically weak victims.
Glad you asked. Here’s the difference: What works for a Senator doesn’t work for a Governor.
With Helms, people thought: “There are 99 SOBs in the Senate. Let’s send them a real SOB.” After all, nothing really gets done in the Senate.
But voters know that a Governor makes decisions that can help – or hurt – real people.
Like not extending Medicaid to 500,000 people who don’t have health insurance – and might not get life-saving health care.
Like cutting unemployment assistance to people who can’t find a job and may have trouble providing for their families, while raising your Cabinet secretaries’ pay.
Like stigmatizing immigrants on license plates and making it hard for them to get an education for their children.
Now, the Governor is a likeable, affable fellow.  But he needs to consider how politically vulnerable he might become if he starts looking like Jesse Helms with a smile – especially among moderate Independents.
Of course, this assumes those voters know what the Governor is doing. That’s the Democrats’ responsibility.


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4 comments on “The Politics of Mean

  1. Reaganite says:

    Get a clue, Gary. It is not ”stigmatizing immigrants”. It is identifying illegal aliens. And they ought not to be getting drivers licenses. They ought to be send back where they came from bbefore they illegally entered or remained in our country. What part of ”illegal” do you not understand?

  2. Chris says:

    First of all, it’s Drivers’ Licenses, not License Plates. Secondly, I don’t see what the problem is with having an alternate drivers’ license. I agree that they should have one, subject to the same limits everybody else has (after all, if they’re going to be here, may as well allow them to be productive members of society). But, this idea that having a somewhat different drivers’ license is stigmatizing, well, that’s just absurd.

  3. clarence swinney says:

    America is tracking the trend line to End Of Empire laid by
    Over extension worldwide on Debt.
    Small group own most of the wealth
    10% own 70% net wealth  80% own 15%
    10% own 70% financial wealth  80% own 7%
    10% take 50% individual Income  50% take 13%
    70/15  70/7  50/13  = 190/35

    Simplistic– clear picture—can you see it? Congress cannot! White House cannot!

    Each of 10% own $7 of net wealth and each of 80% own $0.18
    Each of 10% own $7 of financial wealth and each of 80% own $0.09
    Each of 10% take $5 of individual income and each of 50% take $0.16
    $7  to  18 cents ratio: 700:18
    $7 to 7 cents 700:7
    $5 to 16 cents 500:16

    Is that not a picture of Third World Country?
    Is that not a picture of England in End of Empire?
    Is that not a picture of a Dictatorship
    I cannot paint a clearer picture but sadly our president is too busy preaching to his choirs
    The members of congress are too busy counting $$$$$$$$$$$$$ from Wall Street.
    Ministers of America $$$$$$$$$ Got Your Tongues?
    Where are our leaders? Counting $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$??????

  4. dap916 says:

    Comical, Gary. I had to stop reading half way through your presentation to compose myself.

    I would like to say right off the bat here that we can’t just fund anything and everything that would be “nice” for everyone and anyone. Now, I know that’s what Gary’s progressive followers think can happen in our state, but, alas, that’s just not fiscally feasible. In other words, we just can’t afford that, y’all.

    Let’s think about where the funding will come from to give health insurance to what Gary conveniently calls “immigrants”. Um, Gary, let’s make sure everyone knows that these are ILLEGAL immigrants, okay? You know…folks that shouldn’t be here in the first place and shouldn’t be taking American taxpayer dollars away from actual citizens that need that money. And, that same thing goes for we taxpaying citizens paying for ILLEGAL immigrants’ schooling that we must understand includes taxpayer-paid breakfast and lunches, of course…in addition to tutoring and teaching English to these people and having to provide bi-lingual signs and so forth for these people and their families. Wouldn’t it be nice if we had that taxpayer money to help our citizens that suffer because of a lack of taxpayer funds when they’re in need?

    Yeah, I know Gary…this strategy of pulling on the heartstrings of our very giving and caring populace in order to help those that will vote democratic is what it’s all about. It’s wonderful strategy and it is working wonderfully. But, it’s wrong. It’s VERY wrong.

    McCrory isn’t mean or evil or uncaring. Yeah, that’s how you and your compadres want to present him and that’s how you hope a majority in our state will see him when he tries to get our ridiculous spending under control in our state. But, it’s all smoke and mirrors and it’s disengenuous and it’s wrong that we have an element the likes of you and your party that does this for purely political purposes.

    I’m hoping your skewed message is ignored and/or seen for what it is by our state’s voting public. If not, we’re in for a very, very tough ride down the road.

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