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About one minute after sitting down Sean launched off into a tirade saying the border children ought to all be shipped home – then he stopped and was asked, Suppose one of those children fled El Salvador (or wherever) because she’d been repeatedly gang-raped – would you send her home too?
He said, Absolutely. Yes. She broke the law.
Now if someone waved a magic wand and suddenly put the power in your hands to settle the fate of the border children would you ship them all home – knowing you could be sending one back into the arms of a rapist?
That’s a question conservatives don’t like to hear and there’s a similar question liberals don’t like to hear: Would you allow all the border children to stay, even if you knew you’d be letting a gang member who crossed the border to evade the law settle in America for the rest of his life?
Finding a victim fleeing terror means a Republican can’t say, They’re lawbreakers, send them all home, andfinding a gang member makes it harder for a liberal to say, Keep them all here.
This is a peculiar debate and the roadblock isn’t immigration or just immigration: It’s our odd (and near total) incapacity to address a not very complicated moral question except with black and white answers like ‘send them all away’ or ‘keep them all here.’


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2 comments on “The Peculiar Issue Isn’t…

  1. Anonymous says:

    So, we are such an ignorant country. We don’t have the ability to figure out if people are here for legitimate reasons or not for legitimate reasons? Are we all just grade school-educated? Do we not have people in our country that can honestly establish the legitimacy of the claims people make for coming into America? Really? This is such a crazy thing to even consider here. We can find “perps” from other countries that come here and do evil deeds. We can research everything from weather patterns to ways to send a space ship to Mars….yet, we aren’t able to figure out if people are being disingenuous coming into our country?

    What’s wrong with us???? The truth is that it’s not about whether or not we have the capability to control our immigration. The truth is that because of political reasons, we don’t WANT to control our immigration. All of the great posts and all of the great articles that are presented with such wonderful words mean squat. The truth is, our country is not committed to controlling our immigration problem and in the end, we’re going to suffer because of it. It’s just a fact.

  2. Anonymous says:

    Carter, I never expected you to be a bleeding heart.

    Those rape reports have mostly been these ”children”, mostly actually teenagers (and some who claim to be teenagers looking more like they are in their 20s), being raped while on their trip to crash the US border, not back in their home country. The best way to stop these rapes on the journey is to crack down very severely by sending everybody home where they belong. If they never make that journey, they will avoid being raped.

    Of course, the smugglers and the open borders advocates are also coaching these border crashers on what to say to try to avoid being sent back, and given that they are trying to use a statute that was designed to stop sex trafficking, any claims relating to sex should be taken with a huge grain of salt.

    If the refugees were Iraqi Christians who are being beheaded by ISIS or Ukrainians whose lives have been destroyed in the Russian-sponsored invasion of their country, I would have a lot more sympathy for them that moochers and freeloaders coming to live off the American taxpayer.

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