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Time’s Joe Klein puts his finger on President Obama’s problem in an engrossing
essay “Encountering Anguish and Anxiety Across America:”
“Even among his most passionate supporters, Obama is something of a political mystery. He doesn’t challenge the Republicans; he doesn’t fight back; he doesn’t even tout his accomplishments….The Obama mystery is compounded by the president’s lack of visibility, and passion, on the No. 1 issue, by far, throughout the country: jobs.”
For all the self-serving ideological spinning about this election, it comes down to one thing: job worries and the sorry state of the economy.
The conservative Republicans who can barely wait to get their hands on the government they profess to hate believe that Tuesday’s vote will be ideological: a repudiation of government activism and an embrace of cut-taxes, cut-spending.
Worry not. They’ll soon overreach.
Progressives whine that Obama hasn’t pushed through enough reforms. Baloney. He’s pushed through more progressive change than any president since Lyndon Johnson. And the Republican drive to repeal those changes could end up alarming Americans.
Klein is right. Obama hasn’t convinced people he’s putting them – their jobs and their financial futures – first.
And he hasn’t reminded people about the source of this mess.
The Republican mantra seems to be that our economic crisis started January 20, 2009. They conveniently forget how Wall Street and big banks nearly wrecked us in the fall of 2008 – a crisis so severe that Bush Treasury Secretary Hank Kaufman literally got on his knees and begged Nancy Pelosi to help pass a bailout bill.
Their memory lapse may end up giving Obama another chance to do what Bill Clinton once promised to do: focus like a laser beam on the economy


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2 comments on “The Obama Mystery

  1. dap916 says:

    Much…most…of what you’re saying about the Bush years is probably right, Gary. But, this pales in comparison to what Obama and his coherts and cronies want for America. Bush was not a good republican representative. Most of we true republicans…well, the truth is most Americans are aware that Bush was not good for our country. Did you see the republicans that ran for office in 2008 running away from him big time? He didn’t represent what republicans represent. So, no matter how much you want to bring Bush back into the mix with regard to republicans…it just doesn’t really wash, my friend.

    It’s kinda like what’s happening with regard to Obama right now. Few democrats (and I’d bet that if the truth were known, this will include you, Gary) are on board with Obama’s focus for America. He’s simply a liberal radical…someone that believes that America should be involved in some kind of “world togetherness” with regard to wealth and is all about taking from the successful to give to the less successful….no, I won’t go with “taking from the rich to give to the poor” like some kind of Robin Hood. Obama wants FAR more than that. He’s wanting a world-wide commune…a world “equalness”, so to speak. Well, that’s against human nature…and in just soooo many cases/incidents throughout history, socialism and communism and so forth has failed. I hate to sound “racist”…but, I’m kind of thinkin’ Obama wants to do what his dad taught him…and that is to “take care of ‘his people’.

    That’s just not gonna happen, and that’s ludicrous, and that’s wrong for humanity.

    Sorry, Barack. You are wrong for America and you are wrong in everything you want to do for/to the world.

    Hopefully you’re a one-term American president and just as inconsequensial as Jimmy Carter…the worst president ever to hold the office.

  2. Carbine says:

    I’ve known many Republicans in my life. I’ve never met one yet that professed to hate the government, and neither have you Gary.

    “And he hasn’t reminded people about the source of this mess.”

    Was that an attempt at sarcasm? Not sure where you’re getting your news from, but here on planet earth our president Obama has spent most of his time in office blaming Bush for everything. It’s been in all the papers.

    The bottom line is that Obama can’t ‘fix’ the jobs situation because he doesn’t know how. He’s never had one (a real one) himself, and the world of work is foreign territory to him. He doesn’t understand it, and he refuses to listen and learn. He’s no Bill Clinton, and he’ll go the way of Jimmy Carter in 2012.

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