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D.G. Martin was interviewing Carter and me for “Who’s Talking” on WCHL radio when we began discussing the topic that soon will dominate political debate: WOWW – Where Obama Went Wrong.
Was it the policy or the politics (see “Blaming the Messenger” below)? Was it the economy? Was in getting in bed with Congress? Was it a failure to communicate?
It occurred to me that this is where Obama’s relative inexperience in politics hurt him.
He went from community organizer to back-bench state legislator. He sailed into the U.S. Senate without a negative ad being run against him. While he became a media superstar, he never was a real player in the Senate.
And he got crushed in his first race for Congress.
In truth, Obama has been a great politician when he has a foil a Hillary Clinton or a John McCain.
He hasn’t had a foil as President. Instead, he is compared to Candidate Obama. And he comes up short.
But soon he may have a foil: a John Boehner. Other Republicans in Congress. And then he’ll have all the Republicans running for President.
Maybe then he’ll get his mojo back.


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One comment on “The Obama Enigma

  1. Carbine says:

    If only he had had a real executive job before becoming president, like, oh I don’t know, mayor of a small town, or governor of a state maybe.

    The truth is the Democratic machine fell in love with this guy because he was young and handsome, articulate, ethnically diverse, and (most importantly) was ideologically in line with every idea in the leftist fevor swamp, but had the good sense not to say so in public. I’m sure he’s as surprised as any Democrat to see that his leftwing policies don’t actually work, since he’s never been in a position where he had to actually think through those policies before.

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