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Half-way through her plan Jessica Laurenz started to make a list of the building blocks she would need to build a campaign. She ticked off, ‘A brain trust, research, relentless media, year-round voter registration, a vibrant multi-racial organizing infrastructure and statewide field organizing.’
But, then, she missed a piece: Obama.
Four years ago, back in 2008, state Democrats ran with Obama and won but in 2010 and 2012 Obama turned toxic and Democrats lost. Now Obama’s popularity’s rising so Democrats face a choice: Next election they can stand with Obama or they can run from Obama but the one thing they can’t do is ignore Obama.
Rolling on with her plan, Laurenz ticked off more building blocks: Weekly meetings, video trackers, organizers – then missed another piece: Political movements are born from inarticulate soil but to flourish they need a Voice. Reagan was a Voice. Obama’s a Voice. Jessica Laurenz doesn’t have a Voice in her plan and a mute political movement with a thousand building blocks dies a quick death.
Ticking off more blocks Laurenz wrote: An Op-ed Program, Pay to Play Research, Private investigators – then missed the only piece as important as a Voice: Last election, President Obama raised a staggering $1.1 billion because he understood one simple fact – if no one heard his voice he was doomed.  
Last year, Obama’s voice was everywhere: On the broadcast news, on primetime TV, on dozens of cable channels, on radio and all over the Internet from Facebook to Google – but Jessica Laurenz only mentioned fundraising one time – in the last line of her her plan.


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