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Way back in April, Bev Perdue looked voters straight in the face and said she’d had it with negative ads. She was done. Finished. She was taking hers off the air. Ending negative politics meant more to her than being governor.

“Win or lose,” she said, “It’s the right decision for me and for North Carolina.”

After her epiphany on negative politics she was anointed as a kind of modern-day Joan of Arc and promptly won the Democratic primary. But, in the meantime, ole Bev’s turned out to be Mack the Knife.

She’s done an ad saying Pat McCrory is going to turn North Carolina into one huge garbage dump (by taking trash from New York), another that says McCrory’s for pay raises for politicians but not firemen and another saying Pat McCrory’s even against giving hope to the sick and infirm.

Now, naturally, these days no one’s about to fall over in a swoon when a politician flip-flops. But Bev Perdue saying in one breath she’s the queen of positive campaigning, then saying in the next her opponent wants to bury North Carolina under a mountain of garbage has to be some sort of record.

But no one’s hardly batted an eye. There is no outrage. Shock. Or hardly a murmur of concern. It’s like she never spoke the words. In fact, Perdue, herself, is so unconcerned about her flip-flopping she still has her Joan of Arc ad (from April) on her website alongside her other greatest hits. You can see it yourself right here.

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