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You know, I thought all this foo-fah over in Copenhagen was about the ice caps melting – but I was dead wrong.
Now there’s not much doubt with every bone in his Ivy League educated body President Obama sincerely believes if we don’t do something – now – by 2050 Manhattan Island is going to be under water and Wall Street will be a canal – but it looks like what happened in Denmark is Third World countries in search for plunder figured out asking the President to give them money so they can build green industries is as good a cash cow as they’ve seen in awhile and when they got mad and walked out of the summit what was really bothering them was the good ole USA’s failure to fork over the cash – and it worked. Because the President pledged to give countries like Sudan and Bangladesh $100 billion to build green economies but, of course, most likely the cash will end up in some warlord’s or dictator’s Swiss bank account.


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2 comments on “The Copenhagen Hustle

  1. dap916 says:

    So true, Carter. Obama has been saying that he wants to create jobs for Americans through developing and implementing green technologies. So, wouldn’t it be like FAR more logical if we’re going to invest in another country’s green economies, we use that money to allow our have American companies become involved in that? Rather than just funneling money to countries with suspect leaders that, as you said, would most certainly siphon off a large portion of it for their own personal coffers, why not offer the work to companies that can hire Americans to help those countries reach the goals?

    We continue to see more and more decisions made by this administration that defy logic, in my view. It is almost as if they are trying not to grow our economy and help Americans come out of this recession and disastrous economy and jobs situation.

  2. -1 says:

    Wonder were the community organizer thinks we can keep getting this money?

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