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Long ago and far away, in bygone days, during Jim Hunt’s first incarnation as Governor, we (Jesse Helms’ political organization) lit on what we thought was a grand idea: We ’d do a TV ad attacking Governor Hunt for giving AFL-CIO boss Wilber Hobby government CETA grants.

We made the ad, tore into Wilbur Hobby, then polled. Wilbur was about as popular as a skunk. But we hadn’t laid a glove on Jim Hunt.
Chuckling at our chagrin our pollster explained, You guys may not like Jim Hunt much but that’s nothing compared to how much you dislike Wilbur Hobby. Then he added, That’s why you went for ‘the cape and not the bull.’
What he meant was we disliked Hobby so much we’d gotten carried away pummeling him and completely missed Hunt. As Tom Ellis said shaking his head, Well, boys, that was a complete waste of money.
Judging by their TV ads the Democrats like the Koch brothers even less than we liked Wilber Hobby. They’re spending $3 million to tell folks the Kochs are villains and varmints and they’ll probably blow the Kochs to kingdom come. But they’re going for the cape and not the bull.


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2 comments on “The Cape and not the Bull

  1. Anonymous says:

    Such a great presentation, Carter. Hopefully the left in NC will continue to go after the Koch brothers and hopefully we’ll continue to see the hate and idiocy on about them as well. Takes away from the real issues at hand and the candidates running for office in our fair state.

    Good one. Kudos.

  2. Anonymous says:

    Was kinda hoping Gary and the boys would continue to go after the Koch brothers. To start with, just about no one outside of Texas knows who they are. Wilber Hobby was more well known in n.c. The left needs some cape or something to take the spot light away from Obama Care. I guess spending their money on the Koch brothers might do just as well.

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