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Over on The Atlantic magazine’s website the liberal reporters were having a happy day after the election but not, as you’d expect, by celebrating Obama’s victory – instead, they were having a fine time ribbing conservative pundits from Ann Coulter to Karl Rove because they had said the polls that showed Obama leading Mitt Romney were dead-wrong.
For years, the reporters said, Conservatives have been calling the media biased but, in fact, this election when it came to reporting the facts wrong the most biased media wasn’t ABC or CBS –  it was The Conservative Media.
The way the liberals see it, it’s a peculiar irony: People watching Fox News saw the election through the eyes of stars like Sean Hannity – they saw Hannity’s skewed version of the Presidential campaigns but never saw the election other people were seeing so, in the end, The Conservative Media did a better job misleading conservatives than the liberal media ever did.


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6 comments on “The Biased Media?

  1. Carbine says:

    Actually, Carter, FOX News reported the same polls that every other network did, and did stories on the controversies over the discrepancies between various polls and interpretations of those polls, and brought in independent experts inkling as well as spokespersons for both sides to talk about it. So people who watched FOX News were fully aware before the votes were counted what the various polls said and what the margins of error were, and that it could go either way. But you don’t know that because you never watch FOX’s six o’clock news show, do you? You just parrot what others say about FOX and pass the baloney on down the line.

  2. clarence swinney says:

    Will You Do Them, Mr. President?
    87%=first priority is creating jobs
    89%=Pass the necessary reforms to keep Wall Street and too-big-to fail banks from killing our economy again
    87%=A constitutional amendment overturning Citizens United ruling
    73%=Enable underwater homeowners to reduce the principal on their loans.
    From Take Back The American Dream Conference
    What do you think the President will do on these Priorities??

  3. dap916 says:

    Yeah, I guess you’re right. I mean, there’s no way that the “conservative media” could have just been wrong. Of course not. I mean, c’mon….everything is a conspiracy, don’t ya know.

    My opinion? The conservatives along with their supportive media sources just never really believed that the huge number of people in democratic-demographic groups would come out to vote. I sure didn’t. Doubt you did either, Carter.

    There is just FAR too many people trying their best to avoid the real reason Obama won this election….or, at least avoid SAYING why Obama won this election. I see it as a sad day for conservativism…and a very bad omen going forward for we republicans.

  4. Carbine says:

    The polls were remarkably consistent, and remarkably accurate, heading into election day. The variable no one could accurately account for was turnout, and that broke in favor of the Democrats’. A few pollsters made the correct assumptions on that variable, most didn’t.

  5. cwrenn says:

    I didn’t watch Fox 6 O’Clock News but did watch Bill O’Reilly and Karl Rove and Dick Morris, whom I respect, analyzing the polls and, with hindsight, like a lot of folks they missed a piece. I think DAP has made a key point: A lot of people on our side of the street couldn’t imagine Obama winning — so not seeing that missing piece appears to have been a problem. Best, Carter

  6. Carbine says:

    If you had watched FOX News at six (a good habit to get into) you would have seen Karl Rove and Joe Trippi analyzing the polls TOGETHER. Their input was why no one who watched that show regularly would have been surprised at the results on election night; we all knew it would boil down to who had the most accurate turnout model. Now, as for why you watch Bill O’Reilly…well, if I did that I certainly wouldn’t admit it in public.

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