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He helped answer two questions that I get a lot: Why are you helping Clay Aiken? And, of course: What’s he like?
When Holding said he was considering running against Renee Ellmers in the Republican primary (he didn’t, in the end), he said she “has gone Washington.” He added, “Do not underestimate Clay Aiken. He’s speaking from the heart. If he gets off the ground there is a concern on my side that he could get loose and win that thing.”
Bingo, Robert.
Aiken is known for his singing voice, but he has a unique political voice. As he showed in his announcement video, he tells his life story in a compelling way, he captures the public’s disgust with Washington dysfunction and he offers a clear and refreshing contrast. And he’s bringing attention to a race that wasn’t on the radar.
What’s he like? The first thing people say is: “You’re taller than I expected” (an inch or two over six feet.) He’s genuine, down-to-earth and likeable. Self-assured in the way successful people are, but not cocky. He’s not intimidated by cameras, media scrutiny or the Republican tracker who tapes his every move and utterance. Been there, done that.
He’s tougher, smarter and more informed than people expect. He’s a sponge for information and he sets high standards for himself and people around him.
He has a genuine distaste for what politics in America has become, just like many voters. And he has an internal compass that steers him clear of politics-as-usual. He’s a welcome contrast to a cynical, power-hungry, money-obsessed political world.
And his campaign is attracting smart, idealistic and committed young people. That’s good for the Democratic Party.


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3 comments on “Thank You, Robert Holding

  1. Anonymous says:

    Oh for crying out loud, Gary. You’ve been in politics for what…30+ years? This post of yours talking about how Clay Aiken has a “distaste for what American politics has become” is so ridiculous. EVERY politician today says that. You know that. And, your comments about how Clay being a “welcome contrast to a cynical, power-hungry, money-obsessed political world” is so much rhetoric and spin it’s even more that I would have expected from someone like you.

    Gary, tell me please about the politicians you have been personally involved with that started out with such high moral and patriotic ideals only to become just one more politician that became a slave to the money and power and influence and notariety of his/her office and willing to sacrifice those moral values and patriotic idealism to keep it.

    Clay Aiken is a singer. Yep, he talks great, but at the end of the day, he’s a singer…a performer. He’s a democrat and you will no doubt make some serious bucks helping him in his efforts, but making him out to be some kind of wonderful, patriotic, dedicated and knowledgeable political leader is absurd.

    He’ll lose. And, I’m betting when he does, we’ll see a front page post here from you about how it was because of pure hate by older, rich, white, homophobic voters.

    Can’t wait.

  2. Anonymous says:

    To run as a Democrat you don’t have to tell anyone what you are for, just how you hate the mess congress is in, like you can wave a wand and change the mess. No specifics, only platitudes. Clay is nice, polite, not afraid of cameras, tall. He is just who I want making decisions that effect my life. Don’t worry if he is an anti-capitalist, or he doesn’t believe the constitution is important, and can be changed to fit what he thinks is important. Democrats really live in la la land. Sounds like he is running for something no more important than 9th grade class president. I guess if the top job can go to an Acorn empolyee, community organizer, a congressional seat can go to a tall nice spoken kind person. When he is elected people in that district and possibly several surrounding districts will all treat each other nice and they will all be kind to old people. Just elect Clay and all nice things will just happen.

  3. Anonymous says:

    That’s the best chance Democrats will get in this race.. Nationalize the race and you get about a billion dollars in free media. The national media will make people believe that Clay is the next Jesus Christ. Could work.

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