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To get their votes, the politicians are up to a lot more than just promising women the ‘power’ to fulfill their heart’s desires – listen to the serenade Democrats are singing: If you vote for Kay Hagan, Democrats say, you’ll get more pay and equal pay and health care and birth control and education and, they add, Thom Tillis opposes equal pay and abortions and (brace yourself) believes states should have the right to ban contraception.
Now, as a male, that last one threw me. 
I’d like to hear Thom Tillis explain banning contraception to men – not women. 
Why our country is so free and promiscuous Miley Cyrus can gyrate three ways to Sunday on TV and even the Baptist preachers have given up complaining – so who’d have thought any politician would figure banning contraception would get him anything other than run out of town on a rail. Politicians would be more likely to ban chastity than contraception.
So, I was expecting Thom Tillis to laugh and say, Did you ever hear so much piffle? Folks ought to vote against Kay Hagan just for telling a tale like that.
But Tillis didn’t.
Instead, Tillis’s spokesman tried his hand at making promises of his own but of course he can’t possibly out-promise a Democrat – saying Thom Tillis is ‘going to get the economy back on track’ sounded pale beside Kay Hagan saying she’ll make every wicked, woman-exploiting man in a suit wish he’d never been born and put more money in women’s paychecks.
How on earth can Thom Tillis hold a candle to that?


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One comment on “Tempting Women, Again

  1. Anonymous says:

    Divide by groups. Women vs men. Old vs young. Rich vs poor. Black vs white. Wonder how Democrats keep up with who they are suppose to hate. They got me so confused I aint sure who I am suppose to hate and why. They need some kind of guide, like a baseball program. This new shooter in California hated the rich. Guess he was a Democrat. Strange though he shot mostly women, and the press keeps ignoring how he stabbed to death 3 guys. Where is the knife lobby on this. Outlaw all sharp pointed knives. We don’t need anything but dull point steak knives. They should be registered and outlawed if you have a history of mental illness. Wow, this thing is going to drive me to watch pop culture TV.

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