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While Governor McCrory and his patrons at the John Locke Foundation were bragging about tax cuts on Tax Day, Republicans in the Legislative Building were digging an even deeper teacher-pay hole for themselves and McCrory.
The N&O’s page one headline said: “Broad teacher raises unlikely.” McCrory proclaimed, “we’re leaving a little extra money in everyone’s paycheck.”
Here’s the rub for the Republicans. Everybody in North Carolina knows the Governor and the legislature shafted teachers. But who really believes they got a tax cut?
Democrats don’t need to overdo this. They don’t need to say: “Republicans cut taxes and didn’t give teachers a pay raise.” They just need to say: “Republicans didn’t give teachers a pay raise.” Make Republicans try to tell people they cut taxes.


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One comment on “Teachers and Taxes

  1. Anonymous says:

    There has to be some other group of people in this state that Republicans are trying to kill, starve, enslave, hurt, beat up, put in prison, than you have mentioned in the last few weeks. Teachers, unions, blacks, illegals, muslims, old people, women, children, just are not enough groups to hate. I know there must be a couple of others out there that you forgot. Try to put on your thinking cap and I am sure there are more WARS being waged by the Republicans than what you have covered here. What about unemployed grocery store guys? No you got him when he gave the Governor the finger and his boss fired him. I think the Republicans hate little kids under 5 because they haven’t jumped on programs to take pre-pre-pre kindergarden children and put them in public schools. Yes they leave them in those horrible homes to be eaten by rats, and starve because there is no food in the home. I am sure you can get creative and find a few more groups that Republicans hate.

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