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As Democrats look to counter Senate Republicans on teacher pay, they should look outside the revenue box.
The 11 percent raise/end tenure plan caught the headlines and seemed to catch Democrats (and Governor McCrory) off guard. Democrats responded that the plan would gut education, UNC and Medicaid to fund an election-year pay raise that comes with strings attached.
But suppose Democrats raise the bidding now. Suppose they say: 11 percent is a nice start, Senator Berger, but not nearly enough. Let’s raise teacher pay 33 percent, so Houston can’t hire away our good teachers. And let’s pay for it by raising taxes on upper incomes and raising sales taxes on everybody.
(Why 33 percent? Well, it sounds good. And that’s how much North Carolina raised teacher pay in Governor Hunt’s last term in the ‘90s.)
Some Democrats fear opening the tax-increase box. But that may be a false fear, left over from the politics of the ‘80s and ‘90s.
If voters are truly angry about the damage done to public schools, then they may be ready to pay to fix it, if the fix seems fair enough and broad enough.


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3 comments on “Tax for Teachers?

  1. Anonymous says:

    You sure took the long away around to finally speak to the topic you’ve put here at the top of your presentation, Gary. From what I’m getting out of everything you’ve said, you’re advocating increasing taxes on not only the so-called “rich” but everyone else in our fair state as well so that teachers can receive a massive raise that somehow matches what you said Governor Hunt gave teachers back in the 90’s. That about sum it up, Gary?

    Well…you’re out of your mind if you think that the public thinks that there has been SO MUCH damage done to public schools that they’re going to be all in favor of a tax increase. An, how the heck do you define “fair and broad enough”…when you’re talking about this “fix” to the education system?

    I hope democrats in our state pick up on your suggestion and go out full force with ads on TV and with the state democratic party leadership presenting a 33% pay raise for teachers that is to be paid for by taxing the rich AND taxing everyone else as well. Yep…got my fingers crossed THAT happens.

    That 11% pay raise is big, Gary. You know it and so does everyone else. Tenure is nothing but a free pass to bad teachers and I’m betting you know that too…and so do most voters. It’s a loser issue for democrats in my view.

  2. Anonymous says:

    Thirty three percent in two decades. It took the Democrats twenty years to raise the teachers 33%. At that rate they would have fallen lower than where they are today. The Republicans raised the teacher pay 11% in one term, and early in that term. I don’t think you give the teachers enough credit for math. Most of them can do simple math. Besides that, once the pay gets right the teachers need something else that the Democrats cannot give. The teachers need the ability to treat everyone of their children in their classroom the same. Discipline should not be different by color, race or gender. Democrats are too locked in that politically correct box. They don’t have the balls to give children the tuff love they need. It’s all about feelings to the Democrats and that doesn’t work. Expectations should not be less just because some kid comes from a single parent home. If anything that kid needs more tuff love. Scramble around and you may find some feel good thing to replace the lack of income and war on Teachers that the Democrats have waged.

  3. Anonymous says:

    Choo, Gary is no different than any other democrat. He will skew information to make it look soooooo go for democrats. When you read his stuff here on the Front Page, just take it with a grain of salt. It’s mostly hyperbole and rhetoric and spin and much of it comes from the left win “talking points” they send out for their pundits to put out so as to keep their minority voters and the poor and many others in the fold. Decades and decades of the democratic party saying how much they’re going to do for the minorities and the poor and underprivelegd all across our country and guess what…nothing much has been done. They don’t WANT much to be done. Otherwise, they wouldn’t have these people to make promises to.

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