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Republicans made great hay in 2010 and 2012 over then-ongoing investigations of Democratic politicians, like John Edwards, Mike Easley and appointees of Bev Perdue. Suddenly the shoe is on the other foot. Such are the perks of high office.
Now there are two investigations of possible illegal activity, one involving the coal ash spill and the other, political contributions by the video sweepstakes industry. Both will focus, quite naturally, on Republicans.
In fairness, Republicans have good reason to squawk about being tarred, shall we say, with the coal ash investigation. After all, Duke was dumping coal ash long before Governor McCrory took office.
But three unfortunate facts intrude. First, McCrory worked for Duke for nearly 30 years. Second, the spill happened on his watch. And, third, his administration has made a great show of relaxing environmental regulations. The result: They own whatever happens.
Now we learn there is an SBI investigation of political contributions from the video sweepstakes industry. This one will be hard to foist off on Democrats. After all, political money follows power, and Republicans have the power now.
How did a party that is famously anti-gambling end up caught in this mess? The same way the same party bet teacher pay raises on higher state lottery proceeds, immediately after holding their state convention at a casino.
Gambling apparently is addictive. The GOP seemed to get a contact high.
The investigation comes just as Republicans conveniently conspire to move the SBI from the Department of Justice (run by a Democrat) to the Governor’s Cabinet.
Democrats, of course, should raise hell about this. Maybe they should propose appointment of a special prosecutor, a Kenneth Starr to get to the bottom (so to speak) of everything.
Or maybe the U.S. Attorney should look into this one, too.
Rest assured: Tales of corruption will be on the campaign agenda again this year and in 2016.


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3 comments on “Tales of Corruption

  1. Anonymous says:

    Not a problem, Republicans just need to follow the Obama game plan, it was Bush’s fault. It was Bev’s fault. Seems to work in DC. This president is well into his second term and still everything wrong is Bush’s fault. It will be Queen Hillary’s mantra as well, it’s Bush’s fault. What happens when any generation who remembers Bush is dead and gone.

  2. Anonymous says:

    “Two investigations of possible illegal activity”. From these two “investigations” of “possible” illegal activities…you make your case. Nothing is known. It’s just an investigation. And, it’s all just kind of possible that something is there. Politics and blog sites.

    What a crock of crap.

  3. Anonymous says:

    After the multiple SBI scandals that occurred on the watch of Democrat political hack Roy Cooper, the SBI should have been stripped from him long ago. It is long past time that this should have happened.

    The coal ash problem primarily involves career bureaucrats. If you want a scandal, look at Thom Tillis’ reasons for blocking the Republican bill to end the consumer ripoff of the Renewable Energy Mandate, particularly at his ties to Acaseta Bank which profiteers extensively from that consumer-unfriendly and rate increasing mandate.

    As I recall, the video poker money went to both parties.

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