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Gary is taking a break from blogging. Our guest blog today is from a Tapster.

Republicans won control of the NC General Assembly with a promise to create jobs and improve the state’s economy.
So, where is the proposed legislation to do that?
Of the 100 or so bills introduced in the early days of session, virtually none has anything to do with job creation or economic growth. The notable exception is HB4 dealing with the unemployment insurance mess in North Carolina, and this doesn’t really count because the state must confront this matter.
Instead, bills were filed to add new specialized license plates, outlaw naked nipples in public and allow church buses to have permanent license plates. Good gracious.
To add to the incongruity and hypocrisy, Republicans who ostensibly want less government and lower taxes filed bills to increase government oversight of tanning beds and mopeds and triple (yes,
triple) license fees for locksmiths.
It’s hard to believe – but not surprising – that a GOP crowd who waited breathlessly for 200 years to control the legislature is already bogged down in minutiae that fixes none of the problems they vowed to fix.



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One comment on “Surprise, Surprise

  1. dap916 says:

    I’ve been posting on political blogsites for about 10 years now. And, that’s “blogsite(s)”….with an “s”. Far more than just here on TAP. Through all of those years and contributing and reading all the presentations throughout the years, I’ve learned that it’s just so easy to present negativism about an opponent or a political philosophy or a social belief or a government program. It’s actually pretty difficult to present positives about those because of the ease with which people can tear down whatever positive is said. It’s easy to show one or two exceptions so as to disprove a positive while no amount of exceptions will disprove a negative. Think about that statement for a moment. It’s a true statement.

    I say all of that because it saddens me that “Mr. Tapster” here is already involved in finding how to put forward negatives about our new republican leadership giving that leadership absolutely no time to get their agenda and direction and their new governor’s agenda and direction in place. He wants people to believe that the new general assembly has promised to create jobs and improve the economy within days of beginning their terms.

    We know where we are now. We know where we’ve been throughout our last governor’s term. Let’s see where we are 2 years or so from now. Yes, I know that no amount of actual progress will EVER be credited to the republican legislature or governor by people like our “Tapster” here…but, reasonable North Carolinians will know nonetheless.

    Have fun with the cute little “naked nipples” and “license plates” rhetoric right now, Mr. Tapster. There will always be things to make comments like those about. When you’re serious about what actually has to happen in our state to get our unemployment under control and to grow our economy….come back and talk to us, will ya?

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