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Before a hurricane brushed the coast, Governor McCrory warned us not to put on our “stupid hats.” Then Hillary Clinton criticized President Obama’s foreign policy for not being more visionary than “don’t do stupid stuff.”
Well, call me stupid, but I’m so confused by the world today that “don’t do stupid stuff” sounds pretty smart.
ISIS or ISIL (which one is right?) is beheading people, so we may go back into Iraq on the same side as the Syrian government, which we don’t like. Islamic terrorists all over the place want to attack us or take us hostage, but we don’t want to pay ransom. Young Americans go to the Mideast to join the jihad, kill people and sometimes blow themselves up. Egypt and the UAR attack somebody in Libya, and we’re not happy about that. Israel and the Arabs are at war again, or in a cease-fire again, or not. Then you’ve got the Russians and the Crimeans and the Ukranians at each other’s throats. The Chinese are doing something in the ocean somewhere. And I can’t keep the Sunnis and the Shiites straight.
The world made sense when there was the USA and the West on the side of good and the Soviet Union on the side of evil.
Now Obama’s critics want him to “do something.” But remember what happened the last time a President (namely George W. Bush) decided to “do something” (namely, start two wars that lasted a decade). That looks stupid in retrospect.
I like having a President who’s in no rush to put on his stupid hat.


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One comment on “Stupid Is As Stupid Does

  1. Anonymous says:

    Ask the parents of the hostages if they want to rush in or just wait and let ISIS move them. This president doesn’t care, he has an agenda, socialism and that alone takes president. He doesn’t have to worry about a stupid hat, his teachers planted that firmly many years ago.

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