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Big-time political bloggers refer to the State of the Union speech as SOTU.

I call Tuesday night’s performance SSOTU: Sorry State of the Union.

Not just President Bush, but also the Democrats in Washington.

I’ve got three words for Bush’s performance: boring and small-bore.

It’s striking to see how far the once-“bold” Bush has fallen since SOTU a year ago.

Then he was riding high, spending his political capital and ready to overhaul both Social Security and the tax code.

This year his ideas are as weak as his rhetoric.

He’s shrinking before our very eyes. The so-called “Rebel in Chief” looks more and more like the ne’er-do-well prodigal son who has to be rescued by Daddy and Daddy’s friends over and over.

And what can be more ludicrous than the progeny of Bush Inc. and Big Oil Inc. calling for energy independence.

I just wish there was a single Democrat who was more compelling. But they look just as tiny – and sound just as tinny – in the wake of their debacle over the Alito nomination.

The Republican Alito strategists, unlike their President, knew what they were doing there. Democrats stumbled and bumbled so badly they had to shoot arrows into John Kerry when he made his ludicrous last stand.

Sadly, there is only one compelling and commanding Bush critic in Washington that I care to listen to. And he’s a Republican: John McCain.


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One comment on “SSOTU

  1. gpearce says:

    I agree that President Bush’s SOTU address was limp. The unseemly emphasis on petty programs, rather than big ideas, made me think I was watching a re-run of one of President Clinton’s SOTU addresses.

    Comment by Jim Stegall — February 2, 2006 @ 3:29 pm

    Does FUBARSOTUA qualify me as a big time political blogger? A=Address

    And unlike the vast vast majority of political bloggers I, unlike da prez, a native Texan, have known g w bush since 1967.

    One fact is g w can be call “flip flop.” On the other hand “total flop” fits him to a “T”.

    I’m taking the liberty to add one of my favorite posts here:


    Imagine if only for a few minutes that you were Donald Trump, or any other powerful business magnate looking for someone to become president of one of your companies. And while reviewing “his” resume you come to the following entries:

    Resume: george walker bush

    College: Graduated but if it wasn’t for bell curve grading would have flunked big time.

    Never ever held a real job but with daddy’s help and money I opened my first company which went bankrupt and totally failed due to my inexperience and sheer incompetence..

    Now after I became a REAL business man, I had had a company didn’t I, with daddy’s help and more money, and some foreigners money, I opened my second company which was gutted by me and it went bankrupt and failed.

    Then I did the same thing two or three other businesses skimming off and hiding as much money as I could..

    After that, with daddy’s help again I was put on the board of directors of a company that did not fail, but I was also put on that board of directors, because that way I cpuld be kept under complete control and couldn’t do anything to damage the company. This was the way I could accumulate enough money to invest in a professional baseball team as a 2% owner where I could brag to my friends and give away sky boxes seats and have parties for the people that were giving me money to run for governor of my state..because daddy and the National Republican Party wanted me and one of my brothers to be groomed and follow in his political footsteps and become president of The United States like he had been for one term.

    Then I was elected governor of my state (even though I never served a day in public service other than to help dad and the people dad told me to help even if I had to transfer to another state while I was in the Air National Guard to do it) and with the help of other republicans just like myself we ruined the state for workers and made billions for corporations. Will furnish some details on request.

    During my second term as governor, even though I promised the people of my state I wouldn’t quit, I did quit, because I decided, actually daddy, and those foreigners who loaned me money, and the elitist in the republican party decided for me, to run for president in 1999…AND I WON!

    Then in 2001 after I had been president for just over a year, two of our cities, New York, and washington d c were attacked and lucky for me on a day I was in florida where my brother just happened to be governor. So even if I didn’t know for sure (heh heh) who was really behind the attacks I decided to declare war on terrorism and ignore everything else. I then sent American troops to Afghanistan to kill the guy that took credit for the attacks. Will furnish details on request.

    This got me reelected too, for my second term as president where in 2003, and because I lost interest in finding the bad guy that took credit for the attacks in 2001 and found something easier to do, I got to declare war on and attacked a nation (right next door to those foreigners that loaned me money for my failed businesses) that had absolutely nothing to do with the attacks on the United States, a nation that had already been beaten to its knees by my daddy’s war in 1991 and has NEVER recovered due to international inspectors searching for stuff and sanctions placed against it. What I told the U S citizen’s the reason I declared war against that nation was because I was told that the mean old guy running that country HAD (not may have) weapons of mass destruction of all types, atomic, biological, and chemical. Never mind that another president back in the 1980’s furnished Saddam Hussain with almost any weapons he wanted in his war with Iran. A few weeks after the war started I declared to the troops and the people of the United States “Mission Accomplished.” But here it is 2006 and them people just won’t quit fighting for some reason and they seem to be getting help from everywhere. Will furnish additional details on request.

    Under my rule the U S A is doing great…for businessmen, CEO’s and corporations who are my base.

    Now…since I can’t become president for life or king, and since I’m going to be out of a job in January 2009 I am submitting this resume to you so you can hire me and let me run one of your companies.

    THAT’S ONE HELL OF A RESUME! And this is the same man that fouled up every private business enterprise he entered and remained under his personal control. This is the same guy that was elected governor of a state and ruined it. This is the SAME GUY that a small majority of U S voters elected not once, but twice, to run its business as the nation’s chief executive.

    Now I ask again:


    A. If from 1994 to 1999 voters had looked at Texas and used what happened HERE when bush was governor and after the republicans and cretin miscreants like tom delay took total control over the state as a barometer of bad weather in the making bush would have never been president PERIOD!!

    B. After this corrupt total flop clown are the citizens of the United States going to allow any more totally corrupt neocon republicans to be elected to any public office? Can the nation stand that?

    Comment by Tom Pearson — February 4, 2006 @ 11:21 am

    If there are any adults left in the Democrat Party, they would do well to take a long, hard look at the post above, and ask themselves “If this represents the mind of our base, how can we possibly nominate candidates the average American voter can take seriously?” Party leaders may scoff at that, and dismiss the idea that folks of Mr. Pearson’s ilk constitute the base, but I’ve been to a few Democrat Party functions lately and this is the kind of stuff I usually hear.

    Remember how people used to say “It’s a two-party system: the stupid party, and the evil party?” Well now it’s more like, “the serious party, and the angry-lunatic party.” It’s not healthy for democracy.

    Comment by Jim Stegall — February 4, 2006 @ 8:25 pm

    Sorry but you are 180 degrees out on my being a democrat.

    I resigned a 31 year membership in the republican party in 1999. I know what true conservatism is and “it ain’t happening today bub.” And unlike you going to a democratic function I can’t go to a republican function without swearing an oath or presenting my party papers…how’s that for “ilk.”

    I’m now strictly independent and will, because I have no other choice, see left wing liberal weenies and CONS…nothing new about you folks, on the chickenhawk right “war is good unless they want to send us to fight” destroy this nation.

    Unlike your “ilk” I don’t graze on served up partline propaganda fodder and swallow it down without so much as a blink of an eye.

    I observe and think for myself and calls em as I sees em. And I don’t need a cop or some damned politician, or a blind unobservant utter fool that can’t see anything beyond his own front door and his gated community, to tell the that the bullet hole in the guys head is what killed him either. If everything is still hunky dory for you…ITS ONLY BECAUSE YOU HAVEN’T BEEN EFFECTED YET!< br>
    You may not like that, and you may disagree, but your opinions does not make you right anymore than mine make me right or wrong.

    As a 60 year life long I’ve watched Texas turn from one of the best, if not the best state in the nation to live and work in, to a totally and complete political sewage ceptic tank by greaseball politicians that should be shot on site. And brother I mean both democrats and repubicans!

    However, thank you for your comment.

    Comment by Tom Pearson — February 5, 2006 @ 12:24 pm


    Here is the link to a photostatic copy of a Federal Registry document for November 7, 1942 on prescott bush father to g h w and grandfather to g w, bush.

    Now lets see if the oldCON’s can argue with a government document. If you can try ordering it directly from the government FR under the Freedom of Incormation act…it costs about $35.00.

    And your right wing slips are showing:

    Quote from Rush Limbaugh program from November 3, 1988

    “And now the liberals want to stop President Reagan from selling chemical warfare agents and military equipment to Saddam Hussein, and why? Because Saddam ‘allegedly’ gassed a few Kurds in his own country.

    “Mark my words. All of this talk of Saddam Hussein being a ‘war criminal’ or ‘committing crimes against humanity’ is the same old thing. LIBERAL HATE SPEECH! And speaking of poison gas . . . I SAY WE ROUND UP ALL THE DRUG ADDICTS AND GAS THEM.”

    But I suppose you guys can, defend, deny, argue and disagree with anything…

    Comment by Tom Pearson — February 5, 2006 @ 12:47 pm

    Fed. Reg. Nov. 7, 1942


    Comment by Tom Pearson — February 5, 2006 @ 12:49 pm


    Stupid or Us—The Liberal Left Wing

    The liberal left, especially the ultra liberals of today, wear ignorance and pure stupidity like they are badges of honor.

    So you impeach bush. Then you impeach Cheney.

    Then guess what, you “nonthinking” left wing Forest Gump ninnies….who’s next in line to sit in the White House after those two bums are ousted?.


    The republican speaker of the house, is next in line for the White House, and so forth and so on down a long line of republicans, and it could actually be that you would wind up getting good ole Texas boy tom freakin delay sitting in the White House, or any and all of others of them that would succeed to the presidency and WORSE, FAR WORSE, THAN WHAT YOU HAVE NOW. bush is a beneign puss pocket compared to some of the other neocons like that malignant cancer tom delay.

    And you sure as hell can’t have them all impeached in the next three years…in fact bush isn’t going to be impeached, because of at least 13 sitting Democrats in the congress, out of the entire number of sitting Democratic congressmen I solicited, have already said in reply to me they WOULD NOT vote to impeach bush! The right wingers are already looking down their noses at you like you are raving maniacs running around in circles.

    The first thing, THE ONLY THING, you left wing liberal nitwits should be doing is ensuring that the next time you walk into a voter booth that you have a paper receipt of the way you voted to take with and that your vote is trackable, to ensure that your vote was counted honestly. At least one house of the congress must be recaptured by your party before impeachment will even be considered.

    If you can’t seize and hold political control at the grass roots..HOW IN HELL DO YOU THINK YOU CAN GAIN POLITICAL CONTROL AT THE STATE AND NATIONAL LEVELS?

    You people are the classic examples of why the formation and implementation of a third political party is needed; where plurality voting wins the day blowing the ignorance of both the democrats and republicans out of the water!

    Both the democrats and republican parties have offered the people of this nation nothing but the same old dung for decade after decade and they have sucked the weak of mind into their ancient, worn out, infinite vacuum where dinosaurs reside.

    I don’t expect any but a few to agree, and do expect most of the left wing to stick with their self inflicted wounds of ignorance and stupidity. And when you lose your arses again…tuff stuff…so don’t blame anyone but yourselves.

    Comment by Tom Pearson — February 5, 2006 @ 12:57 pm

    One thing stated was is a two party system:

    Stupid and stupider…and its a toss up as to which is which.

    Representative democracy no longer works.

    Its time for direct democracy to take over again like in the era when this nation was founded when the people, all of them spoke in referendum especially on critical issues affecting the nation as a whole…not just a few, now professional political elected representatives that take not only the voters votes with them but the voters proxies.

    P J O’Rourk in his 1992 book “A Parliment of Whores” in one sentence warned the people (that bother to read) of things to come:

    “Any likeminded group, acting in concert, can steal anything they want, and get away with it.”

    Apply that above sentence to corrupt politician representatives that have the ability to make oneseided law, change law to personal benefit, gerrymander such as was done here in Texas and you have george w bush, tom delay, kay bailey hutchinson, lamar smith, john cornyn, that represent only business interests and businessmen and desert the working class entirely.

    Check Texas law on the web. Prove to yourselves that dogs and cats have more protection under Texas Law than Texas workers.


    FACT: elected democratic and republican representatives at every level of government have betrayed the common man, woman and their family’s period, by catering to and arse licking a plutocratic oligarchy in the private sector!

    Comment by Tom Pearson — February 5, 2006 @ 1:18 pm

    Thanks for continuing to make my case.

    Comment by Jim Stegall — February 5, 2006 @ 3:30 pm

    Your case of alcololism?…sounds like your problem indeed

    Comment by Tom Pearson — February 6, 2006 @ 8:44 am

    “Quote from Rush Limbaugh program from November 3, 1988″

    Phony quote:

    Comment by Harry — February 23, 2006 @ 10:11 pm

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