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Business and industry got exactly what they wanted when Governor McCrory and DENR Secretary John Skvarla took office. Then they got exactly what they didn’t need when Duke’s coal ash spilled into the Dan River.
Suddenly, “customer friendly” sounds like “polluter friendly.” The U.S. Attorney raises the threat of criminal indictments. And The New York Times unearths this episode: A DENR official telling employees in charge of stopping water pollution:  “The General Assembly doesn’t like you. They cut your budget, but you didn’t get the message. And they cut your budget again, and you still didn’t get the message….If you don’t like change, you’ll be gone.”
Now, you wonder who is going to be gone. And where this will all end.
Now, environmental issues are odd political animals. They have a passionate, but relatively small, constituency. On most polls, they rank down the list of priorities. But that changes when people hear that poison is being dumped in rivers where they fish, boat and get their drinking water. The environment goes from zero to 90 overnight.
Governor McCrory is scrambling to get in front of this. He knows he can’t afford another department in scandal, on top of DHHS. But the water is, as they say, under the bridge. Now we see who drowns. And DENR may learn who the ultimate customers are: the citizens and taxpayers.


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One comment on “Spillover

  1. Anonymous says:

    What…we’re still using that horrible spill at the Eden Duke Power plant into the Dan River to try to trash McCrory? So, this is the big thing that is going to help democrats win elections this November? Really? Do you honestly think that because there can be some truly absurd negative rhetoric said about this spill with a really weak attempt to somehow tie McCrory & Co. to being responsible for it or even not reacting properly or fast enough to it that it will help democrats win seats in the general assembly this year? Really, Gary?

    You DO know that most of the so-called “problems” with the water and so forth that happened because of the spill were in Virginia, right Gary? Now, not sure, but as far as I know, people in Virginia don’t vote in North Carolina. I’m not forgiving Duke Power their negligence in this, don’t get me wrong. And, I’m also not forgiving the past DENR officials under the past decades of democratic administrations in our fair state either for not being on top of this. That is DEMOCRATIC administrations….with control of DENR and with control of all of the agencies that sanctioned the building of Duke’s plants and the very basin that ultimately spilled coal ash into the Dan River.

    Yep, you’ll get the wild-eyed radical liberals that will believe everything and anything you say negative about any republican administration that hear what you and your ilk says. But, truth is, most people in our state don’t blame McCrory or any of his dealings for this spill and don’t believe that because of the McCrory administrations reaction to it the problem was not acted upon correctly and made things worse like you want people to believe.

    Find something else to dump on for McCrory. This one is a dead horse, Amigo.

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