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A few days ago I wrote how Secretary Aldona Wos, who’d landed in the briar patch, would be wise to step up and start telling her side of the story.
Last Friday she did.
Now, listening to Dr. Wos is interesting. One moment she’s skating effortlessly across a sheet of rhetorical ice using aphorisms explaining how she’s being “aggressive” tackling problems, and how she’s diligently tackling problems “head on,” and faithfully undertaking a “herculean task” – but then she can stop right in the middle of the interview, change directions, abandon abstract homilies, and explain the specific reasons behind regulating the width of a hospital room door.
When the reporter asked Wos why she’d hired two 24-year-old former McCrory campaign aides (and paid them salaries of $85,000 and $87,500) she pirouetted over the ice saying how both young men are wonderful and intelligent and truly gifted and how she only wished she could have paid them more.
But the real question here is whether the two young men are worth the salaries they’re being paid and, since Secretary Wos decided what to pay them, was her judgment correct? 
I don’t know how much Governor McCrory paid Ricky Diaz or Matt McKillip to work for his campaign, but let’s assume he had a similar high opinion of their talents and paid them a similar salary.
Secretary Wos could have explained, The Governor’s campaign paid Ricky Diaz $80,000 (or whatever the actual amount was) and I thought he did a good job. So I offered him $85,000 to work for me.
Or she might have said (hypothetically), After I hired Ricky Diaz, he reorganized the press office at DHHS and cut its budget $500,000 which is more than his salary.
Or she might have said (again, hypothetically), Ricky Diaz had three other job offers for similar salaries – so I believe the salary I paid was fair.
Those answers would have given people who were scratching their heads wondering about Dr. Wos’ judgment something to get their teeth into – as opposed to saying they’re wonderful boys.


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One comment on “Skating Across Ice

  1. Longindtooth says:


    Governor McCrory’s campaign finance reports show that he paid Mr. Diaz abd Mr. McKillip at the annual rate of less than $40,000 per year. There is just nothing that can be said to justify more than doubling their salaries now that teh tax payers are paying them.

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