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I’m obviously not a big fan of Governor McCrory, but I want an accurate read on him. It doesn’t do Democrats any good to underestimate him.
Two in cases in point: (1) Democrats who dismissed Ronald Reagan as an “amiable dunce” and (2) all of Barack Obama’s opponents, Democrats and Republicans, who dismissed him in 2008.
Since the legislature left town, I’ve talked with several Republicans who know the Governor, including a couple who have worked with him.
First I wondered if McCrory – how do I say this politely? – just doesn’t have the intellectual horsepower to handle the job. Not very smart, to be blunt. No, I’m told. He’s smart, especially on the issue he cares about: economic development.
Well, then, is he lazy, someone who doesn’t do his homework? No, I’m told, he reads his stuff and works hard. He stays on top of details and his administration.
So what’s the problem? Two answers came back:
First, he isn’t politically deft. He has never been in Raleigh before, and he doesn’t know how to handle Raleigh politics. He had a tough election only one time, and he lost it (2008). He doesn’t have the seasoning to hit big-league pitching yet. That’s why he pulled the politically clumsy stunt of taking a plate of cookies to a group of angry abortion protesters. He thought that was smart.
Second, his experience in government is limited. As Mayor of Charlotte, he was a presider, a greeter, a cheerleader. He was paid to schmooze (and be Mayor) by Duke Energy. He had a city manager to run things.
So, he doesn’t get big-time politics, and he doesn’t know how to run a big-time government. Which explains his rough start. The question is: Will he learn?
If he doesn’t, those two qualities – or lack thereof – will doom him in 2016.


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4 comments on “Sizing Up Pat

  1. Choo says:

    Gary, you give too much credit to the candidate. The media was looking for a Democrat that was far left, the fact that obama was black was just a plus. He could have been almost any black leftist who could talk and read. Community organizer isn’t like being a world class economist. The media elected Obama, they will elect Hillary. We are no longer a democratic republic, we are some form of government organized and run by a media elite. Once the media learn how to do what they do on the state wide basis, there will be no Republican or conservative party. Then you will have what you want. Utopia

  2. dap916 says:

    “Rough start”, Gary? C’mon. McCrory has put in place a huge number of his agenda priority items. In addition, he’s getting industry to come here and he’s getting industry already here to invest in their businesses. The only thing “rough” about his start is how the democrats are taking his accomplishments so far. In just so many ways, what McCrory & Co. want is polar opposite to what the democrats in our state want. And, when he succeeds in accomplishing his objectives, it flies in the radical left’s face. That’s why we see you and people like James Protzman of the radical leftwing blog on a constant trash/bash campaign against him.

    McCrory is governor…he didn’t win that election because he’s inept politically, my friend. And, trashing McCrory for not knowing “how to handle Raleigh politics” makes me smile. Raleigh politics for the past century or so under democratic rule has been a disaster. Maybe he knows more than you think he knows, Gary.

  3. dap916 says:

    Anonymous…we here like to present our points of view and discuss our beliefs. It’s ridiculous to just come here and post some radical left wing website’s presentation by using a link.

    Choo and Reaganite and I could very well just copy & paste any number of links from Redstate and other conservative websites and just post them here for people to read without saying anything about them. But, we are here to discuss…not to just show a link. Please refrain from that kind of post here. Thanks.

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