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Gary is taking a break from blogging. Our guest blogger is Joyce Fitzpatrick.
The war on women continues.
Cokie Roberts spoke Tuesday evening at the Kenan- Flagler School at UNC Chapel Hill about how inhospitable the Romney/Ryan ticket had been to women and immigrants. They responded in huge numbers to give President Obama his November victory. When the smoke cleared, there were 20 women in the US Senate and 80 in the House.
In North Carolina, women have endured a week when things ratcheted up as the NC General Assembly convened and almost immediately bills targeting women flew. Threats to Medicaid, unemployment benefits and education were first up.
Governor McCrory slammed gender studies, “If you want to take gender studies that’s fine, go to a private school and take it.” But, his sharp language did not stop there, as he went on to rail against “butts in seats not butts in jobs” and then to question why women make up a majority of community college students. Earth to McCrory. Do not bite the hand that feeds you. In today’s News and Observer, Rick Martinez doubles down: “Has the scholarship in (women’s studies) progressed beyond the perpetuation of victimhood?” Please.
At the Lillian’s List legislative breakfast on Wednesday morning, Rep. Deborah Ross proclaimed, “Sixty-five percent of the North Carolinians who don’t have photo IDs are female seniors. Why don’t they want Grandma to vote?” The newly elected and incumbent pro-choice women in the NC General Assembly ended the breakfast with a raucous Fired Up. Ready to Go chant. Watch out boys, you best not mess with mothers and grandmothers.
And, adding insult to injury, Rep. Rayne Brown, a Republican from Lexington and Rep. Tim Moffitt, a Republican from Asheville introduced House Bill 34 which would make it illegal for women to bare their nipples in public. Time for a topless revolt.
It is a war out there. Good thing Raleigh’s new police chief is a woman. We might need some help keeping the peace on Jones Street.



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3 comments on “Sisters: Defend Yourselves

  1. dap916 says:

    I have thought long and hard about responding to your post here, Joyce. It is well thought out and well presented.

    This “war on women” is just one element in what has been an extremely successful campaign by the democratic party to paint republicans and the GOP in particular as a party of racists, women-hating, gay bashing, poor hating, greedy, evil white men interested in only their own welfare and positions of power and influence. That campaign has been pure genius. And, the media has been instrumental in making that happen.

    There is little-to-no emphasis on hispanics and blacks and asians….women and gays…when they are republicans running for office or even holding office or involved in presidential administrations or even when serving within a republican presidential cabinet. When these people do serve as republicans, the democratic party and liberal media is quick to find anything and everything they can to discredit them and make them disengenuous and unimportant and present a negative image of them. Again…it’s genius…and it has worked.

    I don’t see any way that this image of republicans will change any time soon. The republican party is predominantly white. It is predominantly made up of people that are more successful than the majority of the people that make up the democratic party especially when you’re looking at the average run-of-the-mill republican vs. the average democrat. Most republicans believe that government is the problem and not the solution….diametrically opposed to what the majority of democrats, and an increasing number of people living in the U.S. believe.

    So, if I was working within the democratic political establishment, I’d recommend to all of my democratic peers that this path…this policy of presenting republicans as waging a war on everything from peanut butter to paper bags continue. It certainly seems to be a winning strategy.

    But, remember this. A large number of republicans understand what I’ve said and believe exactly the way I do on this. When times get rough and when there is more and more “need” from those horrible, racist, evil, predominantly male rich white people…don’t be surprised to see much of that help difficult, if not impossible, to get.

  2. Choo says:

    Good post, but you are not getting by with making TAP’sters think you are not biased against midgets and dwarfs. There are no M&D’s in Congress or the Senate. This kind of hate reminds me of when the old south Democrats hated the black race. The average height of the Democrat Senators is 1.5 inches taller than the Republicans. This is a visual point why Democrats hate M&D’s. Republicans cannot escape blame entirely, but that 1.5 inch speaks better of them than the Democrats. Don’t think for one minute this kind of discrimination can be swept under the rug. The leader of the Lolly Pop Jew’s famous quote, ” judge not a man by his proximity to the celing, but his visual nearness to baseboards.” I fully expect to see M&D’s on the Democratic Ticket next election year.

  3. dap916 says:

    Hahahaha….loved it, Choo. I was about to post another set of remarks here on this but after yours…….well, let’s say it is a tough act to follow 🙂

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