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It may still be unclear what this legislature did, but it’s very clear how they did it: with remarkable bile, bitterness and backstabbing among the forces of McCrory, Tillis and Berger.
Oddly, there wasn’t the usual simultaneous adjournment, with members from both houses sharing smiles and handshakes at the end. The Senate passed its budget and left town. The House was left to clean up. (And the state was left with no plan to clean up coal ash.)
The once-united troika of Governor, House and Senate fell apart this year. One Republican even said the Senate pushed for the so-called 7 percent pay raise just to put up a number that McCrory had said he would veto, challenging him to put up or back down.
Then there was the Governor comparing Berger to Marc Basnight, Tony Rand and even Harry Reid. Plus the obvious glee that McCrory and Tillis allies took in the defeat of Berger Jr.’s congressional race – and their possible involvement in that defeat.
In return, there was the Senate’s very public and pointed killing of the puppy-mill bill that was a pet project (so to speak) of the Governor and First Lady.
Certainly Democrats fought with each other when they held those positions. Jim Hunt had Jimmy Green, for Pete’s sake. But Republicans took it to a new level this year.
Democrats can’t be happy with what the session did. But they can learn to like the political damage it did to Tillis’ Senate candidacy, the issues they now have for the 2014 and 2016 elections and the prospect of more GOP division ahead.


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2 comments on “Sine D’oh

  1. Anonymous says:

    Wow….how many issues are covered in that post anyway???

    Boiling all that rhetoric and spin and innuendo down….it’s mostly about politicians arguing among themselves about any number of issues. Gee…now THERE’S something you don’t see every day, huh? Well, on second thought, it IS something you see every day.

    This is being put here by Gary to give the horribly beaten-up and flailing democrats in our fair state a glimmer of hope that perhaps since the republicans are fussing and fighting among themselves, they might be seen by the voters as a bunch of idiots and democrats might have a little chance after all in the upcoming election and even more of a chance in the 2016 presidential election year.

    I have one thing to say on that…..YEAH, RIGHT!

    But, I will give you a thumbs up on that being well written, Mr. Pearce. It took a lot of thought and was well presented, no doubt.

  2. Anonymous says:

    You left something out. The senate doesn’t like the way the house dresses. The house sometimes shows up in mismatched dress suits. The governor refused to get into the fray but said he thought a more causal attire was best. Also the Senate didn’t bake any cakes for house members when they had a birthday, saying they would leave that to the wives of house members. Some house members refused to sign birthday cards passed around for senate members who had a birthday. It’s all a big mess and most teachers wished the Republicans would just give them the amount of raise the democrats did for the previous 10 years. I think it was ZERO.

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