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Behind the controversy over Governor-elect McCrory’s foundation-fundraiser on Inaugural Day, there’s a story about “shadow governments.”
Since Democrats have time on their hands, they should take note of how these governments-in-waiting can develop ideas, leaders and public support.
Exhibit A is the John Locke Foundation. You may not like it, but give Art Pope & Co. credit: They gave McCrory a head start on his administration.
Governors Martin and Holshouser, by contrast, came in cold, with a short bench and little institutional knowledge.
The Locke Foundation has been preparing for this for 20 years. And one of its products, Thomas Stith, will be the Governor’s chief of staff.
Now, as an N&O editorial noted, there is the new Foundation for North Carolina – a “tax-exempt group that can accept unlimited donations and doesn’t have to publicly disclose its donors.”
Founder Jack Hawke said the group’s work will “correspond with the issues he (McCrory) laid out in the campaign. As a general rule, it will be helping to put meat on the bones around these issues and help sell them to the public.”


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7 comments on “Shadow Governments

  1. clarence swinney says:

    Federal employees cannot accept promises or anything with an actual monetary value
    Pass this law will be best thing to clean out Congress and White House.
    It will close K Street Bribery.
    No campaign money.
    Fed funds campaigns over 6 months (3 primary-3 general) with free equal tv time and a debate a week =12 =adequate to evaluate candidates.

    True Progressive tax system. Burn tax book. Start anew. Must justify need for exemptions in public hearings. Keep Koch type out of influencing our officials.

  2. clarence swinney says:

    ————–1%—-middle class
    (state sales7%——–10%

  3. dap916 says:

    This is good stuff. Both parties have “tax-exempt groups that can accept unlimited donations and doesn’t have to publicly disclose its donors” (as Gary put here)…so, this is within bounds politically, of course. Oh…did Gary forget to mention that? Well, it’s true and I’m pretty most of our savvy TAP readers already know this.

    So, good for you, McCrory and your supporters. You’re doing just fine. Thanks for the effort.

  4. clarence swinney says:

    10% own 73% net wealth—80% own 15%
    10% own 83% Financial Wealth—80% own 7%
    10% get 46% individual income-50% get 13%
    Is this Mexico? No! America

  5. dap916 says:

    swinney, post the source of the information you post here.


  6. clarence swinney says:

    Bush took office in 2001 with a 5800B Debt.
    Eight years later it was 11,900B– (9-30-01)
    It is now over 16,.000B.
    Bush created 6000B in 8 years.
    The add on of 4100B to 16,000 was 80% from Bush two war costs, tax cuts and Part D Medicare costs.
    Bush added 9300B to our debt.
    Had Gore won in 2000 he would have continued surplus budgets
    and our debt would be less than 5000B. How wonderful.
    How Bush wrecked our economy? Yes!

  7. Carbine says:

    What “controversy?”

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