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As much as I respect Rob Christensen and the political experts he talked with in today’s column, I disagree with their conclusion that the money spent in the U.S. Senate race has had “little effect.”
In fact, I think the ads by Senator Hagan – and on her behalf – have painted Thom Tillis into a corner that he will have trouble escaping.
Granted, the movement is small, because the electorate is so polarized. But the shift is small because the pool of swing voters is small.
The ads against Tillis – aided by what is happening in this never-ending legislative session – have successfully linked him with two of the most unpopular groups in politics today: the Tea Party and the legislature. And the damage gets worse every day the legislature stays in town.
Nor does it help that Tillis can’t get a bill through his own chamber.
Maybe he should try a new message: “I’m a leader in a dysfunctional legislature, so I’ll fit right in in Washington.”


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2 comments on “Senate Ads Are Working

  1. Anonymous says:

    I want to ask you a couple questions here, Gary. I know you NEVER respond to anything put here on the Front Page and have NEVER responded to anything posted on The Forum here which is what the HUGE majority of we true TAPSTERS post on and where we discuss stuff. So, this is a question I am absolutely sure you won’t answer and I don’t even expect one.

    The questions are: 1) how many voters in the state of North Carolina could actually tell you what the Tea Party stands for or even who they are and 2) except for the mainstream democrats, how many voters know what Kay Hagan has actually done for the State of North Carolina and how many voters in our state actually believe what you’re saying about Tillis?

    I think you know the answer to that. Hagan has a HUGE $ warchest and we’re going to see non-stop ads on TV against Tillis where she uses that money to say idiotic and very disingenuous things about Tillis. It will get some folks to vote for here…but, I truly believe Tillis has people that are smarter than those that are directing the Hagan campaign and even though they don’t have the bucks…they will win out. It happens in every election where the weaker candidate with the most money loses out. That’s what’s going to happen with Hagan.

  2. Anonymous says:

    He might not mention a dysfunctional Legislature, you see he is running for a Senate seat, and the Democrats control that, no way they could be dysfunctional. The home of Harry Reid.

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