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At breakfast this morning I asked my politically astute friend what the Wake school board outcome means. His response: “Democrats aren’t dead.”
He added, “North Carolina isn’t a red state. And it’s not a blue state. It’s a 52-48 state” – exactly the margin of Kevin Hill’s victory. And, remember, in a district gerrymandered by the Republicans.
Credit goes to Perry Woods, Mack Paul and Dean Debnam – three of the victory’s architects. And a lot of people who pitched in.
It helped that Hill has real experience as an educator. But who on the Republican side was in charge of vetting Losurdo? Somebody didn’t do their homework.
A Republican friend observed that the now-ousted majority made a mistake putting Ron Mariotta and John Tedesco out front the last two years. They were too polarizing and antagonizing. Deborah Pritchett would have been a better chair, he said.
A final observation from my astute friend: Big-spending, hard-fought campaigns aren’t necessarily evil. They turn out the voters.


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One comment on “School Board Lessons

  1. Chris says:

    Point of fact: Margiotta’s district was gerrymandered. Hill’s was not.

    Completely agree with the Losurdo vetting. The only thing she had going for herself was that she wasn’t Kevin Hill. Surprisingly, that was enough for 48% of the population. Had the GOP picked a better candidate, the result could easily have been different.

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